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Everything you need to know about Inflatable Moonwalk Knowledge of bounce houses

Moonwalk, bounce houses and inflatable jumpers are all the same. They all serve the same purpose. Bouncing! The bouncy houses are called as space walks, moon walks, and many more. Here are certain things you should know about before buying them.

You pump air into the inflatable bouncing houses. As they are elastic, they bounce you back when you jump on them.

Types of inflatable houses
There are two types of bouncing houses. They are sealed air units and continuous flow units.

Continuous Flow units
Here air is pumped in continuously. The pump is attached with the moonwalk through a tube. The tube is usually located in the back of the bouncing house.

Sealed Air Inflatables
You blow up the inflatable moonwalk and seal it with a plug. The air is held inside the inflatable.

The bouncing houses are made of Poly Vinyl Chloride (PVC), nylon or vinyl.

They come in different designs. The designs are all based on the cartoon characters. Choose the favorite character of your kid when you are buying or renting a bounce house.

The sizes of the houses differ with weight and height of the people using it. The standard size of the house is 13'x13' to 15'x15'. And there are larger sizes like 20'x20'. The smaller ones are in the size of 10'x10'. The standard ones can accommodate at least four children of age 5-10 years at a time.

The commercial inflatable moonwalk costs $1000 to $3000. On the other hand, the consumer bouncing houses used indoors cost around $300. If you want a bounce house for a particular event, you should consider getting it from a rental service. If you plan to install it permanently for your kids in the garden, then probably you may buy it.

Dos and Donts
• Don’t use the houses when they are losing air. They may cause injuries.
• Remove the sharp objects before allowing the kids inside.
• Make sure the kids do not push one another.
• Teach the kids not to bounce against the walls of the house
• Ask the kids to remove their glasses and jewelry before they enter the house
• Do not allow the kids to take food or water bottles inside the house
• Always setup the house far away windows, green houses, tree branches and gazebo.
• Do not allow adults and older kids to play in the house
• Group the kids based on their age. Plan a different game for the older kids.
• Supervise the kids while they are bouncing
• Make sure the inflatable moonwalk is anchored well.
• It is better if you set up the house outdoor. Because, it is safer.

How to choose the right bounce house?
• Always choose the house that fits your space. There is no point in buying a large house when it doesn’t fit your garden or backyard.
• Make sure the house is within your budget.
• Outdoor house are much better than the indoor houses as they accommodate more number of children.

Hope my guide on inflatable moonwalk was helpful!

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