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4 Things your customer will consider before hiring your services

Summer is fast approaching and that is the perfect excuse to introduce an inflatable water slide to the list of fun activities. They are very popular and exciting which is a good news for an inflatable rental business owner.

Here’s a list of things your customer will consider before deciding to hire your services for their party.

1.Response time
At first it may not seem as important but how quick your response time is tells a lot about how professional you are. If your answering machine frequently answers the calls, it gives an impression of a single operator who’s trying to bite more than they can chew. Or they may think you are a small operator who rents out inflatable water slides and other products either only on weekends or you are a part timer.

These assumptions may not necessarily be bad if that was the case. However, if it’s not, more attention needs to be paid to how you respond to an inquiry. Anyone would want to work with a company that is punctual and appreciates timely communication. It’s quite simple. The calls must be answered by a responsible person and they must be retuned in time.

How long your rental business for inflatable water slides and others has been in business is a very significant factor for a person to hire your service. Longevity carries credibility in this industry, just like any other. If you are a company that has been in business for at least five-plus years, it will immediately be a priority in choice.

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Years of experience shows you know what you are doing and are equipped, both literally an figuratively to deal with an unforeseen circumstance that may or may not arise.

It cannot be emphasised enough how important it is that you have your products insured. It is how your own safety along with that of your product can be ensured. Law suits are long and expensive. Insurance will help you stir clear of it in case of an unfortunate accident.

In the same way, your customer also wants to avoid running into a law problem over an accident they have no control over. A smart customer, therefore, will ask to see your insurance certificate as proof before signing up a deal. It’s advisable you keep that handy.

4.Condition of the product
This is actually the most basic thing a customer will think over before they agree to do business with you. Are your blow up water slides clean, sanitised and well maintained? Are they in a good condition? Is the paint and graphic vibrant and attractive? Are you renting out commercial inflatable water slides? Is your product of high quality and competitively priced?

Your product is your asset. It’s crucial you keep it in great shape. It is a good idea to be particular about repairs and maintenance along with thorough cleaning after having rented out for an event.

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