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Get reviews for your inflatable rental business on social media

It is a common practice for customers these days to engage into research of the products and services before buying. This is why it is crucial for a business to have more positive reviews. This attracts more customers. As an inflatable rental business owner who was successful in satisfying their customers with excellent service and premium quality inflatable water slides this summer, can you persuade them to leave a review online?

Here is how it can be done

Ensure your business has an account on Yelp and fill out the business profile details completely. Include operation hours, basic cost of the services you provide, details of the location, pictures and more. This way your potential customers get an access to your business and it conveys how serious you are about the social media presence of your business.

Let your existing customers know about your Yelp profile once you have it in place. Be gentle in simply reminding them that you have a platform online. You don’t want to come across as off-putting or pushy, asking people to leave a review for your business. Make use of phrases such as “find us on yelp” or “did you by any chance hear about us on Yelp?” to get your message through without appearing too direct. Another way of expanding your client base and advertising the business is by offering deals on Yelp. For example, you can give a bonus hour on renting your blow up water slide.

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Getting reviews on Meta can be more difficult than others. The reason is that your page isn't optimised with this objective. Make sure the review tab is accessible and visible ( it can get a little complicated; look for instructions on Google in case it isn’t working). Remind them in a gentle manner of your page. Ask them if their experience of working with you was good and then ask them to write a review.

Ensure your Meta page is active. Upload pictures, share posts and update any information relevant to your business. Your activity on the page makes you appear more approachable.

3.Company's website
There are similar rules for writing a review on your website if there is such a section. Make sure your customers have the knowledge of your website and remind them how you love hearing from them. Often times businesses give out coupons and vouchers for those who leave a feedback or write a review. This is a popular option of consideration.

It is vital that you respond to the reviews you get. A modest “thank you’ goes a long way. It lets your reviewers know that you care. Making it personal by mentioning something personal about your experience with that customer will win you brownie points.

As frustrating as getting a negative review can be, make sure to remember that interactions online are just as important as interactions face-to-face with the customers. Discrediting the customer or engaging into a yelling match should be avoided. A diplomatic approach and offering appropriate solutions will save you time and energy. A fair and open communication with the customers will you get more feedbacks from your customers.

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