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Things to be careful of when inflating a water slide How to inflating inflatable water slides

Inflatable water slides are a portable load of fun and an excellent choice of spending the warm summer afternoon getting wet and having a blast with friends. If you own an inflatable rental business, this is your season to be on your toes, running around and meeting the ever high demand for blow up water slides.

Inflatable water slides come in numerous models and materials. It would be wise to follow the advice of the manufacturer on how to best care for the unit. It is especially important for an inflatable rental business owner, given how many times the unit needs to be rented out. You want to work on longevity of the slide.
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Following are general tips on what things to consider while inflating the commercial inflatable water slide

1. Be careful while inflating the water slide
Each chamber in the inflatable water slide will have to be filled in a clockwise pattern when inflating the product. Keep this going until the slide takes its shape. Go around the water slide one more time to ensure there is enough air pressure and that the air blower is installed properly.

2. Continue to fill up air until it is released from the pressure relief valve
Allowing the slide to fill up until the relief valve releases air gives the water slide a solid foot support when it is used. However, you own a model with the feature of continuous air supply, this step can be avoided.

3. Be careful not to overfill the water slide
Inspect the water slide. Does it feel stretched out too far and rock hard? If that is the case, the air flow needs to be reduced a little. The risk of an explosion or a puncture increases when an inflatable water slide is overfilled. Some room must always be left for the slide’s walls to give.

4. There will be change in the internal air chambers because of the air temperature
If the water slide is filled in the morning hours when the weather is relatively cooler, the air will expand later due to the afternoon heat. The pressure inside the air bladder will increase as well. In case the air pressure within any one of the tubes gets too high, it can cause explosions. There is a good chance the water slide would pop so intensely that it would become impossible to salvage it.

To prevent that from happening, a little air should be let out during the afternoon hours. Train your staff to be vigilant on site and see the signs when this needs to be done. A clear giveaway is when the water slide gives a very stiff bounce. You can also change the settings of the air blower which provides continuous air supply to reduce the risk of that happening.

Inflatable water slides that are vibrant and made with materials that can take a beating easily without breaking down frequently are of high quality. They can also be expensive. Taking care of the product can help you reduce the repair cost and rent it out more often.

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