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Responsibilities, safety rules and emergency procedures an inflatable operator must know

Inflatables are a recipe for a successful party. They are exhilarating and fun. The water factor, especially, of an inflatable water slide make it the most desirable.

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However, they need to be operated carefully. As an inflatable rental business owner, you understand that. Therefore it is vital your operator is trained and knows how the product works.

Enlisted below are the responsibilities, safety rules and emergency procedures an operator should know.
1.They must stand at the base close to the entrance of the inflatable.
2.The inflatable must never be left unattended. Riders must be carefully observed as they go in and out of the inflatable.
3.All safety rules must be enforced strictly. No exceptions.
4.Be mindful of the weather. In case of fast-paced winds, heavy rains or thunder and lightning evacuate the inflatable immediately.
5.Do not allow the number of participants to exceed the maximum limit at one time. Size and weight restrictions must be followed at all times.
6.Participants of same age and height must be allowed in the inflatable at the same time.
7.Those who are under the age of three, mentally or physically challenged, intoxicated with alcohol or drugs, have a medical condition that would stop them from participating and are pregnant must not be allowed onto the inflatable.
8.Ensure no one enters with any sharp objects, belt or jewellery that can potentially damage the inflatable.
9.Riders and spectators must be kept at least three feet away from the blower.
10.Ensure the inflatables are checked periodically for wear and tear, the anchoring system and blower to make sure they are operating properly.

Additional responsibility for inflatable water slides
1.No more than one person must be allowed on the water slide at a time.
2.The landing area must be cleared before allowing the next rider to slide down.

Safety Rules
1.Riders must be sorted on weight and size.
2.No eyeglasses, shoes, any sharp objects, jewellery or belts must be allowed on the inflatable.
3.There should be no water in the “dry use only” inflatables.
4.Drinks, food, gum, candy, toys, animals, trinkets or other objects should not be allowed on the inflatable.
5.No confetti or glitter any where near the inflatable.
6.The walls, netting, roof or bumpers must not be used for climbing.
7.Rough play, diving, wrestling, flipping or piling must be prohibited.
8.No altering or moving the anchoring system or any other accessory of the product.
9.Post the restrictions regarding height, weight, maximum number of participants on the inflatable itself.

Additional safety rules for blow up water slides
1.Diving, jumping or flipping down the water slide is not allowed.
2.Stop participants from running or climbing up the slide
3.Prohibit double sliding.
4.No sliding down until the landing area is clear.

Emergency Procedure
1.Children must be instructed to sit down in case the inflatable begins losing air. For inflatable water slides, ensure the participants climb or slide down the ladder.
2.Help the participants to exit.
3.The inflatable must be evacuated immediately in case of thunder, lightning, winds over 15mph and heavy rains.
4.The blower must be turned off and any available deflation zipper must be opened.

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