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Things to consider before buying an Inflatable Waterslide

The Water slides are the most popular fun games. Every child loves to ride the slides. And the slides are more fun if they are on water. Water slides are the best entertainment in birthday party and weekends. With the technological advancements, you can easily install a water slide in your garden. You need to understand certain facts around the slides before buying them. Here are certain things to consider before buying an inflatable waterslide.

Before buying the water slide enquire about its make. Most of the companies use polyvinyl chloride, widely called the PVC to make the water slides. This is mainly because PVC is elastic. Some others use nylon, a stronger lightweight material as compared to that of PVC. Choose the one that is long lasting and durable. Also, your water slide should be puncture resistant.

Before buying the inflatable waterslide, decide on the space. Buy the slide according to the space in your garden or backyard. Big slides are fascinating. But you should have a continuous level ground to install big slides. The space affects the shape of the water slides. For instance, the square water slides take up less space as compared to other shapes.

Age of the user
The user age is of utmost importance while you choose the water slide. There are water slides for 3 years old children and 30 years old adults. You should choose the height and weight of the water slide based on the age of the user. And if you are buying it for your kids, you should consider certain safety features.

Installation time
The big inflatable waterslide takes up more time to install. Make sure your wter slides come with an instruction manual. There are some Chinese products that come with a user manual but the instructions are not in English. Avoid buying such products. Also, the larger water slides are heavier. Make transport arrangements accordingly.

You should think about the number of chambers your waterslide will have. The fun is more with multi-chambered water slides.

If you are buying a water slide for your kid, you should make sure the slide has his favorite cartoon character. If are particular about the dirt the slides may catch upon, you should go for dark colors. You can also select the slides that match the theme of your pool or backyard.

Repair kit
Make sure your inflatable water slide comes with a repairable kit. The kit helps in fixing the damages. You cannot patch or mend a hole without the repair kit. And you don't get spare repair kits for water slides in the markets.

Decide on the purpose before buying the water slide. If it to be put alongside the pool? Or is it for birthday parties? If you are planning to get the slide for parties, then you should rent the slide. Buying the water slides for temporary purposes is expensive. You should buy them, if you plan to install them in your backyard and use it regularly during weekends.

Hope! My guide on buying the inflatable water slide was helpful!

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