Inflatable Bounce House For Kids

Do you have kids and want to spend some quality time with them but don't have the time or money to go out to the park? Then you need to check out the Bounce House For kids! These fun and bouncy houses are perfect for all ages and can be rented for a few hours or an entire day. Plus, they're much fun - your kids will have a great time!

What is a Bounce House?
A Bounce house, also known as a moon bounce or inflatable obstacle, is a large box filled with air and placed at the top of an open-air arena. The dimensions of these fun contraptions vary but can typically count up to 12 X 14ft (3m), giving your children hours of enjoyment. Your kids make great use of their time by jumping on them repeatedly to make it last more than one hour before they become overwhelmingly tired of bouncing. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, bounce houses are great for ages 3-12 years old and provide a healthy form of exercise, allowing children to burn calories while having fun in a safe environment.

How Much Does a Bounce House Cost?
The cost of a bounce house varies depending on what location you will be renting from. You can expect approximately 150-200 dollars for about 3 hours at the most popular rental companies in your area. However, if you want more than that, it could wind up costing much more as there are plenty of places offering discount prices when hiring buses and limos to take groups out together. Bounce houses also make great gifts – they're much cheaper than typical tents and make great travel gifts to take with you on trips.

Where to Buy Bounce Houses?
Today's world-famous bounce houses are customarily made of blow-up vinyl, making them waterproof and as durable as actual tents. If this is precisely what you're after, then there are a bunch of parks around the country that rent these out – check on Facebook or Google to make sure they have something nearby. When renting from traditional fences, please don't get confused by low prices because it only takes one person with the wrong aim to wreck your party. Plus, make sure they have a 6-foot by 10-foot clearance so that the kids can move around and jump up into the air.

How to Clean Bounce House?

Cleaning a bounce house is just as important as buying one in the first place – make sure to use carpet or vinyl cleaners to make it easier for your little ones. If you want to save money on that, try doing some of the cleanings yourself. Especially if this is your first time owning one, getting used to how different things are can be confusing at times and don't come with any directions (though most adults can figure it out in a few minutes). Besides the traditional vinyl, you can also get some high-tech inventions such as water slides worth around $ 1000 which makes cleaning a breeze. Here is have step by step guide to cleaning the commercial inflatable water slide.

Bounce houses for kids make the best party entertainment for any occasion because kids can't get enough of it. You'll make great memories, and your parties will expand to all-time highs with healthy food, fun activities, and lots of laughter from teeny-bopper guests – everyone wins!