Inflatable water slides: 5 frequently asked questions

Inflatable water slides are incredibly fun, especially in the sweltering heat of the summer. They are super simple to set up, inexpensive when rented and easy to maintain. All this with a promise of hours of thrill and excitement. This item is an absolute party favourite. Out in your lawn, set up the blow up water slide along with other rides with some delicious food and drinks and you gave a perfect afternoon for the.

In this article, we are going to answer 5 frequently asked question about inflatable water slides.

1. What does an air blower do in an inflatable water slide?

Most of the time, inflatable water slides come with air blowers. It is the work of the blower to give a constant airflow into the water slide which helps to keep it stable and inflated. All that is needed is an electrical outlet for plugging in the air blower.

2. Can an inflatable water slide recycle water?

The only purpose of the air pumps or the air blowers is to keep the unit inflated. They do not recycle water. However, a water recirculation kit can be purchased separately if recycling is something one wants. The kit recycles the water that is already collected in the splash pool and carries it back up to the water slide. Such kits can even save a considerable money, especially if the plan is to use the water slide more often in the months of summer.

3. How much water does a water slide use?

The water hose from the house supplies the water into the slide. Approximately, 4 litres of water a minute is used by the unit. But once the slide is wet enough, minimum flow can be adjusted. This way, pretty much same amount of water remains as that when the tub was filled. Also, there is no need for worry about added prices of the water running for longer time.

4. How do you get the water out of the water slide?

There are three simple ways to get the water out of the water slide.
1. If it is a possibility, tip the water slide over while it is still inflated. Ask someone for help. This could be a two-man job, given how large and heavy the water slides can be.
2. If it is a possibility, turn the blower off, deflate the unit and let the water drain.
3. When all the water is out of the pool, inflate it once again, seal all the air outlets and let the unit air dry fully in the sun.

5. How much can an inflatable water slide cost?

The answer to this question depends on so many things such as the type of features one may be looking for. Typically, one spends somewhere between $300 to $500 on a good water product. It should be kept in mind though that it would depend on the material a manufacturing company uses for production as well as the company itself.