What are Bounce Houses Made Of?

Each type of material needs a certain level of attention. When it comes to bounce houses, the situation is, of course, similar. It aids in determining whether the material is sensitive to a particular youngster and learning how to care for the structure.

With that in mind, we'll go over various materials used to construct bounce houses today.

What Materials Are Used to Make Bounce Houses?

Before diving into learning what kinds of materials are used to build a bounce house, it's essential to know a bit about the categories in the market. There are two types of bounce houses which include the commercial and residential zones. Since their name implies they are for different purposes, they are made from other materials.

While most commercial inflatable bouncers are crafted with PVC tarpaulin, the materials used for the residential ones include nylon or polyester. Let's check out how each kind of material benefits in the making of the structure.

Commercial PVC Tarpaulin
Commercial PVC Tarpaulin is one of the most durable materials available for constructing bounce homes. They are also water-resistant and flexible, in addition to this fantastic feature. This assures us that we will not need to replace it anytime soon.

They are pretty light in terms of weight. As a result, you'll find a wide range of inflatable bouncers made of this material in the market, including 8oz, 15oz, and 18oz sizes. The bounce house will be more durable if the fabric is heavier.

It can easily resist heavier adults due to its durability due to its material. On the other hand, it may be challenging to set up and take down due to its weight. However, they are easier to clean and maintain in general, which is a plus.

Heavy-Duty Nylon
This is one of the most commonly utilized materials in the construction of residential bounce homes. If you're wondering why nylon was chosen over polyester, the reason is its strength. There are two different varieties of nylon inflatable bouncers: 452D and 600D. The letter D stands for denier, which is a density measurement unit.

Keep in mind that the higher the density, the more durable and robust the building will be. As a result, the denser residential bounce houses are more durable. They are less capable of draining water than PVC and polyester fabrics, notwithstanding their effectiveness in terms of longevity.

As a result, cleaning them may become challenging. They are, nevertheless, more durable than a polyester oxford.

Commercial Grade PVC Vinyl
Commercial grade PVC vinyl is also one of the materials that are pretty easy to maintain. Furthermore, as a business inflatable bouncer, this type of material is highly durable.

Another reason why most rental companies like this material's bounce houses are because they are waterproof and can accommodate a wide range of design categories. They are also well-known for their ability to withstand adult weights, which is an excellent confirmation.

Oxford Fabric
Polyester oxford is a phrase used to denote woven oxford cloth. And this is one of the best materials for making inflatable bouncers for homes. Of course, when compared to nylon, you can't anticipate additional strength, but it's robust, lightweight, and very water-resistant.

Despite all of these benefits, the price is what draws people in the most. The bounce houses made of oxford cloth, on the other hand, are excellent for young children and can be used indoors.

Are there Common Skin Sensitivities I Need to be Aware of?

Latex is one of the materials that could be harming your skin. Although most bounce houses are devoid of this substance, some decorated areas may contain a small amount, which you should be aware of to avoid skin discomfort.

Vinyl, on the other hand, is another material that can irritate the skin. However, it's not something you'll find in a bounce house regularly.

Is it Easier to Clean a Bounce House Made From Certain Materials?
Of course, the bounce house's materials are chosen to be the easiest to maintain. Although nylon and polyester can be tough to keep clean, they don't have much of an impact. They're all simple to clean and maintain in general.

However, before stacking the nylon inflatable structure, make sure it is scorched. Also, do not clean the bounce house with any powerful cleaner.

Space Tour Combo
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If your children are interested in learning about space and exploring it, the Space Tour Combo bounce house may be the correct solution for you. The intricately constructed commercial inflatable structure has several qualities that you cannot overlook.

When not in use, it has a removable slide to protect it from wear and tear. It has a velcro and zipper drain mechanism that makes it easy to clean by allowing water to drain quickly. The high-definition digital price creates such a vivid environment that your youngsters will want to play for hours.
When it comes to bounce house stitching, this unit is flawlessly stitched thanks to the employment of a full-automatic cutting machine. It also contributes to the structure's aesthetic appeal, which is another reason you would want to buy it.

• Commercial inflatable made with 15-18 ounces of heavy-duty vinyl that is fire-resistant and lead-free.
• Inner baffles are made of 1000D nylon and a finger protection safety mesh.
• Throughout the unit, there is double stitching with quadruple stitching and up to 6 rows of stitching in important spots inside the base.
• Extra reinforcements on all stress areas and inner panels, totaling more than 100 on a medium-sized inflatable.
• The use of a removable slide liner can help to protect your slides and extend their life by reducing wear and strain.
• The water slide can be quickly dried by using a zipper drain with a protective flap.
• Water units have sealed seams to prevent water from entering the interior.
• All of the anchors are made of alloy materials, molded rather than welded, and never rust.

• Can withstand heavy weight
• Removable slide
• Easy maintenance

• Weak entrance
• It might not accommodate many children

The bounce house's material is essential to consider because certain materials can be harmful to children with allergies. As a result, it's usually a good idea to do some research before purchasing inflatable bouncers for your children.

With that said, we wish you the best of luck in your search for the ideal bounce house for your children.