Giant inflatable water slides to jazz up your yard in summer

If you can't go to the water park in the summer, don't worry! You can bring the water park to your own backyard! Gone are the days when children or even adults had to play with water using only water guns or hoses. Now, thanks to Ginflatables, you can choose from the best cost-effective, long-lasting giant inflatable water slides, to either rent or buy.

4 Best Giant Inflatable Water Slides

1. Mermaid Water Slide
This massive 23-foot Mermaid Water Slide is ideal for your little prince or princess. Its vibrant blue color will definitely jazz up your backyard. Ginflatables is known for its stunning designs, and this inflatable waterslide is ideal for a house party, birthday party, or any other occasion.

This way you can also encourage your child to get moving and it is one of the most enjoyable ways to spend the summer.

● There is an overhead safety net.
● It is compact and lightweight.
● You can easily climb up.

2. Shark Escape Water Slide
Run! There's a shark attack, and the only way to get away is to slide down this water slide and into a large splash pool. This 20-foot big inflatable water slide is suitable for both adults and children.

This slide's design is great, and there's a life-like printed shark that will definitely catch everyone’s eye. It's ideal for any huge event or party taking place during the summer season.

● It is made up of the highest quality material
● All the safety measures are on point
● The printed design is anti-scratch

3.Hoover Dam Water Slide N Slip
This slip n slide playground slide should be your first pick if you're seeking a way to cool yourself during the summer heat. With its high-quality material and fun design, you’re in for a thrilling ride. At the end of the pool, there is a stopper that ensures maximum safety for your children.

● Easy to set up and clean
● It comes with a safety net on the platform
● With its zipper drain, it is easy to dry the water

4.Inflatable Toxic Nuclear Dual Water Slide N Slip With Pool
This big inflatable water slide is a fantastic way to beat the heat while getting in some exercise. The best and perhaps most enjoyable feature is that it is divided into three sections: a detachable pool, a dual slide, and a slip-and-slide. A stopper is located at the pool's far end, which you can adjust to your needs.

● It has replaceable slide covers
● It is made from highly durable PVC tarpaulin
● It has double stitching along the units, which makes it durable.

Final words
If you want to transform your backyard into a water park, Ginflatables' inflatable water slides are ideal for you. You should definitely opt for these products as both you and your children will cherish them for a long time! You should also visit their website if you want to see more wonderful products.