Our 23 Mermaid Water Slide is the one of the newest addition to our slide family. We are constantly working to provide the most beautiful inflatable designs to evey little mermaid princess, and we think this 23' Mermaid Water Slide is the perfect example of it.

Our Ginflatables slide features a safety net overhead, high inflatable wall and a stopper at the end, which ensures that children always have fun without worry. Participants enter the ride at the front and climb up the left side to the top of the slide. Having a slide is an easy way to promote healthy activity and keep the party entertained. It is undoubtedly the best toy in summer.

We have worked hard to make a great, lightweight, and compact inflatable slide — ideal for all events. This spectacular design will be a hit, and everyone will enjoy sliding down!

Be sure to bing Mermaid Water Slide for your next outdoor event on a hot summer day!