Inflatable Rental Business Skills Potential for Growth and Other Relevant Concerns

The popularity of inflatable bounce houses has caught on like a forest fire in the last decade. One hardly ever gets to see a children’s party and not find one there. What’s additionally great is the fact that they don’t only cater kids, you find bounce houses for adults at adults-only parties too.

In this article, we will see the skill set required to run a successful inflatable rental business, learn about the potential for the growth of an existing one and see some tips to jump start the business.

But before we get to that, let’s get some understanding on what goes on in a typical day of an inflatable rental business.

It’s a common understanding that the role of a bounce house rental company is to make deliveries on time. There is, however, considerably more that happens.
Other than the weekends being filled with pick ups and deliveries, the following activities make for the whole week.

•Cleaning, sanitising and maintaining the jump houses
•After a particularly wet and overwhelming event, inflatables will require thorough drying to prevent mold, odours and mildew.
•Repairing the damaged and shipping out the ones that can’t be repaired by you.
•Scheduling reservations, fielding questions and answering inquiries.
•Invoicing and other paper work
•Networking, marketing and other administrative work.

Skills and experiences
Considering the potential  for growth, many people seek opportunities for business in this industry. For this reason, having a strong marketing network and skill will prove immensely beneficial. The business owner must have a thorough understanding of the demographics they’re looking to serve and make investments in relevant inflatables. To add to that, love for children, dedication to the work and good interpersonal skills are crucial for the long-term success of the company.

What is the potential for growth?
As mentioned earlier, the inflatables industry has been through a significant growth in the previous decade. Areas that experience harsh weather conditions quite frequently, offer most potential for growth for inflatables rented and sold in stores. This must be considered if your business is in such a region. Franchising with known and well-established organisations can offer the greatest potential to grow you business significantly in long term.

Tips to jump start the rental business.
The following advice can be taken to jump start the business

•A contract should be drawn for every customer. This way you ensure they understand you are not responsible for any accidents or injuries. This ascertains the safety of your company from the legal point of view.
•Follow up with the clients to see how efficient your services were, what needs work and what is the strong point of your operation.
•Don’t buy the big bounce houses in bulk if you are a budding business. Two to four units must suffice for start.
•Always invest in high quality commercial bounce houses like those offered by Ginflatables to save on wear and tear expenses.
•Store the products in your garage or in a smaller rented storage place to save the initial cost.
•Ask for an advance deposit when the client makes a reservation for your bounce house.