Tips To Promote An Inflatable Rental Business

Inflatable bounce houses offer numerous chances to children and adults alike for enormous fun at events like weekend parties in the backyard. With all the jumping and running and climbing and bouncing, as an added benefit, jump houses offer great workouts as the participants engage into a lot of physical activities.

This a great excuse to get the children away from the screens and out in the sun.

The inflatables industry in that regard has immense potential for growth especially in times like this when the world is still trying to deal with rapid Covid outbreaks and kids are stuck at home.

Just like any other business, the growth of your rental company will be significantly influenced by your marketing strategy.

Here are some methods of marketing that a business owner must consider to get the word out.

The first thing your business will require is an impressive website. All the information the customers need must be here. Include the pictures of the bounce houses with proper description like the size, quality of the material used, age etc along with prices. Post pictures of the events you have served to and have an informative section for blogs where the customers can find the answers to the questions they may have. Also mention how they can get in touch with you.

2.Social media
This one is a no brainer. Turn to the social media after you have your website in place. One effective way of finding out how well the advertising is performing on the social media is to offer coupons for Twitter, Facebook and other platforms. This is a good way to track how many people found the advertisement on these sites. It would be smart to use different codes for every website to make comparisons.

3.Content marketing
It is a common practice these days for companies to create blogs and articles on exterior sites. The intention is to establish themselves as experts of their field and advertise the company. The content can be about events such as birthday parties, picnics, carnivals, fairs and corporate functions, perfect occasions for using big bounce houses. The content is created keeping in mind SEO variables that can ensure your business gets a high ranking on search engines.

4.Print advertising
Print advertising is still very effective, even today. Printing advertisements in the local newspapers or sending out flyers in neighbourhood communities such as schools, churches, clubs etc,  informing them of your business and the services you offer is how you can use print advertising. Take other strategies into consideration. For example, offering discounts to the first 50 customers or so to get the business in motion. Other places to advertise can be the community boards, receipts or paper placements in restaurants.

There are numerous ways for a business to promote itself. There no laid out rules to follow in this regard. The main purpose among others, is to spread the word out on who you are and what you have to offer. The creativity for doing this is what will open several windows of opportunities for the growth of your company.