Guide To Purchasing An Inflatable Bounce House

Children are always thrilled with the idea of a party. The joy of celebrating the special moments like birthdays with their friends is a perfect idea of celebration. The best way to multiply the fun is to include inflatable bounce houses, inflatable jumpers or bounce houses with slides to the party to ensure they have a blast.

As an inflatable rental business owner, it is smart to own an impressive collection of these.

Here what you should consider before buying a bounce house.

1.Quality check- buy those that are lead-free

Recent studies revealed that there is a fair number of manufacturers who make use of improper methods and material during production. This means toxic amount of lead in the big bounce houses.

It’s important for a rental business owner to prioritise safety of the kids who they are rented for. It must be ensured that the product is lead-free, roughly less than 99ppm and is safe for children.

2. Check features of safety and the vinyl's thickness

18 oz vinyl must be used to make commercial bounce houses. Thickness for the vinyl any lesser than 18oz means poor longevity and more risk for those who participate.

It should be ensured that the bounce houses have necessary reinforcements on the stress areas and the stitching is double or triple as is in all bounce houses from Ginflatables.
Checking the heights of the side borders is important and so it the “no jump” cover’s existence.

3. Purchase directly from the manufacturer

There are many benefits for an inflatable rental business owner in buying directly from the manufacturer. Among them are faster service, lower prices, free professional consultation. There are many more to add to the list.

For example, most manufacturers don’t charge an added fees ti change the colours on the product or maybe add some more zippers.
In addition to that, big manufacturers take custom orders. This gives an opportunity to the buyer to have some exclusive designs made for their collection. In this way, a rental business owner can have their very own distinctive and unique bounce house collection.

4. Warranty and what it covers

To speak generally, standard warranty given on commercial bounce houses is about 2 years. Anything offered lower than this goes to show uncertainty and  the lack of confidence in the seller for quality of the product.

However, numerous manufacturers exist in the market who offer a 3 year warranty. Interestingly, in addition to that, manufacturers tend to offer shorter warranty on those inflatables that are meant for indoor use.

It must be noted that minimum of warranty on indoor inflatables and water products shouldn’t be any less than 2years.

Big blow up houses from Ginflatables are of excellent quality. They come with mesh nets for safety and have layered stitching especially on areas that are a focus of stress. This is among the reasons why these bounce houses tend to last and can be rented out multiple times.