Step-by-Step Maintenance Tips for Bounce Houses

Inflatable bounce houses are kids’ absolute favorite fun activity, especially the bounce house with slides. As fun as they are, bounce houses can get pretty filthy by the end of an event.

Here’s how you can clean them and get them ready for the next party.

1. Preparing for clean up
On a waterproof tarp, lay out the bounce house carefully. An open area on the grass can work well too. However, be careful of any sharp or pointy objects that could potentially damage the item. To get an accurate understanding of how much work is needed, give it a thorough inspection.

Observe the areas that took the most beating. These will generally require more effort. Keep other essentials such as rags and towels, cleaning solution, a vacuum cleaner, a soft bristled brush ready. Remember, cleaning a big blow-up bounce house requires effort and patience.

2. Dry cleaning the bounce house
Dry cleaning the inflatable bounce house is the second step in the process. Use a broom, or for more effective results, a vacuum cleaner to blow out the dirt, dust and gunk. Cover the crevices and areas behind the flap.

You may have to handpick other things such as toys, crayons or other accessories that may have been left inside the bounce house. While at it, carefully assess for any other damages. Ensure to clean not only the areas the kids were playing at but also the whole bounce house.

3. Wet cleaning the bounce house
Once all the dry dust and dirt has been removed, it’s time to get deeper into cleaning. Generally, a commercial bounce house is cleaned in case it has been in the store for a long time, spills and being sick has resulted in a mess after an event, the jump house appears dirty after vacuuming or brushing or it hasn’t been cleaned in over five years.

Mixing vinegar (one part) with water (three parts) along with soap (bleach-free; you want to protect the colors) makes for an excellent homemade cleaner. Use this to gently scrub the areas that are too dirty with a sponge or a brush (soft bristled). Then, with the help of a garden hose, thoroughly rinse everywhere.

4. Disinfecting and sanitizing
This step must not be missed. It is absolutely crucial to disinfect and sanitize the blow-up house to break-off the spread of bacteria, viruses and other infection causing pathogens.

Using disinfectants that are bleach-free is advised while use of bleach or products that contain bleach is discouraged. Bleach causes fading of the color and damages the vinyl. Also, the disinfectant mustn’t be rinsed.

5. Drying the bounce house
After all the dry and wet cleaning and disinfecting, the bounce house needs to dry. It can be dried simply in the sunlight or with the help of towels. Wipe clean the excessive water buildup, if any, or let it dry itself out in the sun.

Once it’s completely dry, you can carefully store them. Your blow house is ready to be rented out again!

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