​Differences between a Bounce House and a Trampoline

Have you ever jumped on a bounce house or a trampoline and enjoyed a great time?  A bounce house and a trampoline are great types of equipment for fun activities.

However, there are potential differences between a bounce house and a trampoline. To know more about these, keep reading this article

What is a Bounce House?
A bounce house is a big structure made with plastic and is filled in with air. It comes in various shapes, for instance, structured in a shape of a house. Your children can jump on these bounce houses and have fun with their siblings and friends.

There are various kinds of bounce houses. For example, indoor bounce house, inflatable water bounce house, and many more. Bounce house for kids is gaining popularity in many events, such as children’s birthday parties. You can even rent these inflatable bouncers for many other events.

However, a bounce house is not just for the kids. Indeed, there are bounce houses for adults as well. The bounce house for adults is usually medium and large. Whereas the kids usually use a small bounce house. The objects come in various colors and themes for attracting kids and adults too.

What is a Trampoline?
A trampoline is made up of a solid and tough fabric sheet. This sheet is stretched and joined in a frame with coiled springs. A trampoline is a great piece of equipment for recreational purposes. Along with this, a trampoline can be used for gymnastics or acrobats.

Both the kids as well as the adults can use trampolines to enjoy themselves. Kids enjoy jumping on a trampoline, and adult people enjoy it too. There are many types of trampolines for both children and adults. Some examples include square trampolines, inflatable trampolines, round trampolines, and so on.

Inflatable trampoline holds interesting properties. You can inflate and also deflate your inflatable trampoline at any time. You can do so depending on your storage and transportation.  Moreover, it comes with two water compartments so you can fill in those for adding more stability.

What are the Differences between a Bounce House and a Trampoline?
A bounce and a trampoline- both have interesting characteristics. Yet, there are some differences between these two objects.

Trampolines come in various sizes. Moreover, sometimes you might also get a few accessories along with it. For instance, basketball hoops add extra fun to the enjoyment. Yet, bouncers have a wider range of choices and scopes.

Bounce houses come in several types. Also, these have many added materials for increasing the fun. For example, you can buy a bounce house with a princess theme or a jungle theme. You can also buy a bouncer designed for sports activities. The choices are endless.

Safety Concerns
Safety concerns are one of the most vital aspects for taking into consideration. Bounce houses are safer compared to trampolines. This is because the inflatable bouncers contain walls to keep the kids playing inside the castle.

It prevents the children from falling off the edge. Nowadays, trampolines are constructed more safely. By adding nets and better mats, it can help to prevent accidents.

Keeping the children in mind, a bounce house is a better option compared to trampolines. You can add various other activities such as slides in the inflatable bouncers. Be it a small bounce house or big, you can always add many interesting activities to it. On the other hand, the scope of these activities in trampolines is very less. This is because it is most suitable only for jumping.

Cleaning the tools is also another important aspect to consider.  Cleaning both the bounce house for adults and kids is difficult. The bouncers contain many different materials inside them. So, keeping them clean is a tough task. Yet, cleaning the trampoline is very easy. Trampolines are made in simple structures with few materials. Thus, cleaning these is usually quite easy.

Jungle Bounce Combo
The jungle bounce combo is a great product for children to enjoy. Due to its colorful patterns and pictures of animals, kids will love this product. Moreover, the material used for making this product is PVC-coated tarpaulin. Also, the warranty for this product is two years. Along with its vibrant and attractive outlook, this product acquires many essential features.

• It has additional reinforcements on all the stress points. Also, in the interior panels as well. More than around 100 reinforcements on inflatables that are medium in size.
• There is a zipper drain along with a protective flap that can help you to dry the water slide rapidly.
• The water units are protected through sealed seams. This restricts the water to move into the interior.
• The printing on the bouncer is done through high-definition digital printing. For printing, the manufacturers use environmental-ink. The painting holds anti-scratch characteristics.
• The slide liners in this object are removable. So, the slides stay protected and reduce the occurrence of wearing and tearing.
• The anchors attached to the tool are made using alloy materials.

• The seams of this object are sealed. So, there is no hassle of water entering the bouncer.
• Printing on the equipment contains anti-scratch properties. So, it is less to worry about the bouncer getting discolored and unattractive.
• An extra benefit is that this bounce house contains sandwiched waterproof Velcro.
• Since the stitching on the jumbo bounce is very strong, thus there is no tension for it getting torn apart.
• The Jumbo bounce is quite large. It will be difficult to change its locations as you cannot move it through narrow spaces.

A bounce house and a trampoline hold several aspects to make these a part of your enjoyment. The differences between these two objects will also help you to assess which one to buy. Also, the Jumbo House Combo is a fun and fascinating product for your children.

Thus, you can go through its features, pros, and cons to decide whether you want to buy it. On the whole, the article provided an overview of bounce houses and trampolines.