Are Bounce Houses Safe During COVID-19?

With the global Covid-19 pandemic spread, parents are now looking for various activities to keep their children entertained and busy. We all know that bounce houses are a great way of providing entertainment to people of all ages, especially kids. Bounce houses are one of the most entertaining outdoor activities for kids.

Most of the parents are working from home, and the schools, parks, playgrounds, and so on have restricted or limited entry.In this situation, the kids at home are bored and restless.Therefore, many parents have shown interest in purchasing or renting inflatable trampolines or bounce houses to keep their kids busy.

Kids require fun, entertainment, and daily exercise, and all three of these things are provided by the bounce houses. However, the main concern that arises is whether these bounce houses are safe during the Covid-19 pandemic or not.In this guide, we will have a detailed discussion of whether bounce houses are safe during Covid-19 or not.

Are Bounce Houses Safe During Covid-19?
You can either buy a bounce house or rent one.To avoid the risk of the spread of the Covid-19 virus, the best solution is to purchase a bounce house.You can set up the bounce house in your backyard and sanitize it properly before letting the kids get in it.The risk decreases, even more when only the house kids use the bounce house.

We know that playing and jumping with friends on a bounce house is fun, but social distancing is essential.So, it is better not to invite friends or neighborhood kids over to play on the bounce house.Not maintaining proper social distancing or other COVID-19 safety protocols will increase the risk of spreading the Covid-19 virus.

However, we know that purchasing a bounce house can prove to be quite expensive.We also know that not many families are interested in spending a significant amount of money in a bounce house on budget cuts and the global pandemic.In cases like these, you can rent an inflatable bouncer to entertain the kids.

How To Ensure The Safety Of A Rental Bounce House?
Renting a bounce house costs a lot less than purchasing a brand new one. But renting a bounce house significantly increases the risk of Covid-19 virus spread as usually you are not the only one to rent that same bounce house.However, you can reduce this risk by carefully taking care of a few things.

While renting a bounce house from another person or a toy rental, make sure that you agree on a fixed time for the pickup of the inflatable bouncer.It will help you make sure that there are not many people, and you can maintain the social distancing protocol properly.

Ask the rental for a favor and tell them to sanitize the bounce house properly before giving it to you.Make sure to ask them to sanitize any other components or toys that come with the rented bounce house.

How To Sanitize A Bounce House Properly?
Once you bring the bounce house to your home, ensure that you sanitize it properly before letting the kids in.Even if the rental sanitizes the inflatable bouncer, it is never wrong to sanitize it again.The safety of the kids is essential and proper sanitization is a must.Take a bottle of disinfectant and spray it all over the bounce house.Wait for at least 30 minutes before letting the kids into it.

If there are toys that come with the bounce house, such as ball pit balls, then you must sanitize those as well.The best way of sanitizing the balls is to put all of them in a big mesh bag and spray the disinfectant thoroughly.Rotate all the balls properly and make sure that all of them are adequately disinfected.It will kill any germs or viruses present on the balls, and the kids can play safely.

Make sure to use the disinfectant on the blower, plug, PVC bag, anchors, and everything that comes with the bounce house.

We usually rent a bounce house for birthday parties, events, get-togethers, and many more.On occasions like these, there are generally quite a few kids present, and ensuring social distancing can prove to be quite a challenging task.The best thing to do in a situation like this is to fix playtime for the kids.Do not forget to sanitize the kids' hands before they get in the bounce house and after they get out of it.

Even if you are renting a bounce house or inflatable trampoline for the kids without any occasion or party, make sure to follow the sanitization tips discussed above before letting the kids in.Many rentals offer a bounce house renting service for a few days or weeks and not just by the hours.So, look into them if you are worried about the kids' daily exercise, boredom, and outdoor activities.

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Final Words
The Covid-19 pandemic is a tough time for everyone, especially the kids, as staying home for so long affects their mental health.Bounce houses are a great way of letting the kids enjoy themselves, and the fresh air and sunlight will also help their bodies and improve their mood.

We will not say that bounce houses are 100 percent safe for kids during this time, but we can significantly reduce the risk of the virus spreading.Make sure to follow the tips mentioned above and let the kids jump on the bounce houses.