Games and toys in general create a significant impact on children of every age and even on adults

Games and toys in general create a significant impact on children of every age and even on adults (in some cases). Be it a newborn with blocks and soft toys, a preschooler with puzzles or construction games, school age kids with board games, skipping rope or some outdoor activity and also the middle aged kids or adults in an amusement park. All of them find something or the other as their source of gaiety.

Remember those big balloon-like inflated structures on which we used to jump on madly during our childhood at fairs??? They are commonly known as the 'Inflatables'. Basically an inflatable is an article that is inflated or blown up with some kind of gas(usually helium, hydrogen or nitrogen). It can be a simple balloon, a wheel, a boat, a piece of furniture, a movie screen, swimming pool toys and much more. They are portable delight as they can easily be transported or stored.

Here we are gonna talk about the Nuclear Obstacle Course. This product by the Ginflatables is a 36ftL×11ftW×13ftH and 11mL×3.3mW×4mH sized inflatable ⁷Obstacle course with a Nuclear colored theme which makes it completely riveting and also different from those bouncy castles, Moonwalk, Spacewalk and many more inflatables that you might have witnessed in school/church festivals or fancy parties before.

Lookwise it is definitely a must try endeavor. Also, similar to other inflated obstacle courses it comprises a bouncy track with various obstacles from the entry point till the exit such as climbing, sliding, jumping and squeezing all with a bounce. It can be used to conduct an obstacle race between two people at a time. These are some visible outer characteristics of this product which are good enough to seek your attention. But as we know a product cannot be judged just on the basis of its outer appearance or looks, what matters the most is the material, making, safety, durability and performance. So let's scrutinize some of the detailed interior features and accountability of this item.

Some of the notable features of this Obstacle course include the following:

● Most essentially it is made up of the highest quality of heavy duty vinyl I.e. 15-18 ounces of Commercial graded vinyl which is totally fire retardant and hence slows down the spread of fire by reducing its intensity. It is also free from lead which may be harmful for children.

● The product consists of 1000 Deneil strong inner baffles. These are considered as the strongest and best among all as they tend to be thick, sturdy and durable. Not only this it also has finger protector safety mesh which makes it much safer for children.

● Safety in the making of the course is assured by the double stitching throughout the unit with quadruple stitching. Also upto six rows of stitching is performed in all the key areas present inside the base of the unit.

● Another aspect includes the reinforcements. There are extra ailments on all the stress points and also the interior panels of the Obstacle course such that even a medium sized inflatable comprises more than 100 reinforcements.
● The inflatable is also composed of properly sandwiched and waterproof Velcro on removable pool liner which makes the sides secure and fastens them. Such waterproof Velcro and webbing can be found in every unit. This enables the efficient usage of the item even with the contact of water.

● The Nuclear themed prints on the course are not ordinary one. It is done with high-definition digital printing using the environmental ink. Plus the Anti-scratch protective coating on each and every printing material safeguards it from scratches and marks.

● It also comes with a zipper drainage and protection flap that can easily be attached with the slide to drain the excessive water after usage and makes it easier to transport. It is super easy to apply and reduces the chances of mold growth inside the inflatable as it enables the circulation of air for drying the water quickly.

● Also for the prevention of water from getting to the interior of the product, it has properly sealed seams on all of its water units. This ensures a longer life of the item.

● The quality of anchors is the key to any product. Here all the anchors in the course are made up of alloy materials which totally prohibits rust formation. The anchors are mold forming and not welding.

● The foremost feature of the Ginflatables is that they are the first inflatable manufacturers to use full-Automatic cutting machines in the making of their products. The machine makes the cutting of material and sewing absolutely unswerving and straight so that the completion of the product is more accurate and beautiful. This feature also enables manufacturing of high-quality inflatable products in a shorter span of time.

● Last but not the least these inflatables are certified to be in accordance with CE, EN71, EN14960, ASTM, and ISO standards. They are also in  conformance with the Canadian TSSA and the Australian AS3533.4.1-2005.

These inflatables can be rented or bought from the company for birthday parties, school functions or any special event. They can be a great source of amusement for both boys and girls.