How to Set Up a Bounce House in a Park

A bounce house can be an excellent option for your kids to play. Among all the other outdoor playing items, a bounce house is the most popular among the kids.

Setting up a bounce house can be challenging work. It requires proper guidance, knowledge, and skills too.

You might wonder where you can set up a bounce house. You can set it up in your yard as well as inside your home too. But can you set it up in a park?

Yes, of course, you can. But to set up a bounce house, you need to follow some professional steps and take permission to set it up at your local park.

Let us try to know how one can set up a bounce house in a park.

Setting Up a Bounce House in a Park:
Setting up a bounce house in a park can be quite a lot of hefty work. As the park is public property, you will need permission beforehand to set up a bounce house in a garden.

• At first, you will need to call the Reservation Department and tell them about the park in which you want to set it up.
• Mention the bounce house that you want to set up.
• Pay all the required application fees.
• If you rented the bounce house from any Inflatable play equipment Approved provider, let them know with all the necessary documents.
• All the steps must be confirmed before seven days of the installment.
• The process mentioned above is to be done before setting up a bounce house in a park.

How to Set Up a Bounce House in a Park
If you have your own bounce house that you want to set up at a park, then the following steps must be followed:
• Decide Where to Set It Up
We already know that you want to set up the bounce house in a park. But you can also follow the following steps if you're going to set up at another place.
• Unfold the Bounce House
The first step should be unfolding the bounce house carefully.

Power and Blower
To blow up your bounce house, you will need an electric blower. A blower needs a direct electric supply to work. It has an electrical cord which you can connect with the power supply carefully and start blowing. Make sure to choose such a park where electric supply is available.

Inflate the Bounce House
After that, you will need to inflate the bounce house. You might be curious about how long it takes. The answer is only two to three minutes. You can minimize the time by helping detangle the corners so that the air flows quickly inside them.

Anchor the Bounce House
To ensure safety, the bounce house needs to be pinned with the ground so that sudden wind flow can’t take it away or it remains static while the kids are playing in it. For this, you need to anchor a bounce house with D rings on the bouncer firmly with the ground.

Re-check the Procedure
Before letting your child play in it, make sure to re-check the whole setup once again. Especially the entire anchoring process must be re-checked twice before letting your kids play in it.

Haunted House: An Excellent Bounce House
Now I will introduce you to a bounce house that is thematic, cost-friendly, and lucrative in all ways.
The Haunted House is a Halloween inflatable that is perfect for Halloween. The product details are given  below:
Size: 16.5ftLx15.7ftWx15.7ftH
Size: 5mLx4.8mWx4.8mH
Warranty: 2 Years

• Commercial grade worth 15-18 oz. with premium quality, fire retardant, and lead-free surface.
• Contains a finger protective safety mesh alongside 1000D inner baffles.
• Ensures quality stitching up to 6 rows of stitching in key areas inside the base of the unit.
• Stress points are properly secured with more than 100 reinforcements with medium-sized inflatables.
• The side lines can be removed as your wish, protecting your side liners and reducing wear and tear.
• Sandwiched waterproof Velcro is installed alongside webbing on all units.
• Anti scratchable surface with HD digital printing with environment-friendly ink.
• It has a unique zipper drain system that will allow the water to slide down easily.
• Rusting will never be an option as the anchors are made of alloy materials.
• A fully automated cutting machine produced its inflatables, ensuring proper and accurate inflatables as a machine-produced sewed product.
• The inflatables are certified with CE, EN71, ENI4960, ISO standard Canadian TSSA, and Australian AS3533.4.1-2005.

Mentionable pros of this bounce house are given below:
• Proper security system with certification from different authorities
• Smooth and non-slippery surface for your kids
• Machine sewed finish lines will ensure its rigidity for a more extended period
• Alloy-based anchors ensure the prevention of rust. So no tension, even if it's drenched all over with water
• Lucrative and eye-catchy colorful design for your kids
• Safety inflatables ensure proper installments
• Perfect for your kids for Halloween Party

There are a few cons regarding any bounce houses.
The main con can be the issue of safety. If it is installed on a concrete surface rather than plain grasses, proper safety might not be ensured.
Besides, if the surface is too slippery, then your kids might fall and get injured. Similarly, this one can be used only in Halloween-themed parties.

Always choose your desired bounce house widely with proper guidance and knowledge. The bounce mentioned above house is one of the best sellers in the present market due to its charming design and top-notch quality.
I will personally recommend this one for the Halloween parties; the rest is your choice. Make sure to ensure safety issues because nothing is more important than your child's safety. Make sure to remove the bounce house carefully after its use and sanitize or clean it properly and store it.