Ginflatable Obstacle Course - A Rental Business Upgrade

Any rental business owner must have inflatable obstacle courses available for renting out to their customers. This is more than just a good business strategy. Blow-up bounce houses have become a party favorite for kids and adults alike and that has happened at a “bouncing” speed especially after Covid-19 hit the world. From laid-back weekends in the backyard to crazed and exciting parties to bigger corporate events, obstacle courses are the foolproof formula of thrill and excitement.

What’s more, is the value people place in the benefits they provide in ensuring the overall growth of a child. Besides presenting a perfect way to spend time together as a family, inflatable obstacle courses pose challenges that require skills such as strategizing, speed, stamina, navigation, a positive attitude towards competition and team building, all of which are essential for growth in life.

Here’s how Ginflatables obstacle courses act as an upgrade

1. No quality compromises

At Ginflatables, we make no compromises with the quality of our products. From the material we use (commercial grade heavy-duty vinyl) to the stitching technique (double stitching throughout the unit), our obstacle courses are meticulously designed and skilfully mended in a way that ascertains sustainability and longevity.

We go a step forward with extra reinforcements on all stress points and interior panels to ensure the obstacle bounce houses can withstand all the running and jumping, the climbing and crawling.

2. Mobility
This is an undeniable truth that moving the obstacle course can be painfully challenging and their size often is no help. Ginflatables operate in a very big market that covers major cities of the world.

This is why it is easy for us to ship the product anywhere in the world efficiently. You can order your bounce houses with ease and rest assured to receive your purchases in a good condition. Added effort is made on their part with packaging to warrant safety.

3. Variety
Variety is the spice of life, they say. The market of inflatable obstacle courses is highly competitive and to certify the success of your rental business you must use this spice in just the right quantity.

At Ginflatables, we have a wide range of obstacles courses to add in to your selection. The adorable and striking Unicorn obstacle course, or the futuristic and technical Robot inflatable obstacle course are just some of the examples of what we have in our store. Grow in variety and see your business grow with it.

4. Financial Advantage
Our inflatable obstacle courses present you with a monetary benefit over others. As mentioned before, they are made of commercial-grade material. What this means is they are ready to endure load and stay durable for years to come.

In addition to that, the removable slide liners help in extending their lives by minimizing the regular wear and tear. As a result, you spend less on repairs. This is how you get the worth of every penny. So rent out to your heart’s content!