Inflatable Bounce House Sizes For Kids

Bounce houses are very entertaining to kids and are also helpful for the physical and mental health of the kids. We have seen a lot of parents showing their interest in renting a bounce house for their kids. But, people are often confused about which bounce house size they should choose.

Bounce houses come in various sizes, and one size does not fit all children. You have to consider certain essential factors to choose the best bounce house size for the kids.

How to Choose the Right Bounce House Size for Kids
There are several factors that you have to consider for choosing the right size for bounce house. From the number of kids to the space available in your house, you have to think of quite a few factors before you go for a bounce house for your kids.

If price is also a factor, take note of that as well as an essential thing to consider. Good quality bounce houses will cost more than the average ones. But, you’ll still be able to find high-quality bounce houses in a reasonable price if you look in the market.

So, here are the factors that you have to consider before choosing the right bounce house size.

The Number of Kids
One of the top factors that you must consider before choosing a bounce house size is the number of kids using it. If there are only two kids to three kids, then a tiny bounce house would suffice.

However, if you plan to set up the bounce house on the birthdays of the kids, or any other event, then the size calculation will be different. In cases like these, you will have to consider the number of kids present at the event and then choose a suitable size.
A higher number of kids means that you will need a more significant number of bounce houses or need a larger size of a bounce house.

Age of the Kids
The age of the children using the bounce house will have some bearing, but there is no hard and fast rule. Each inflatable bouncer has a minimum and maximum height and weight for children and adults who utilize it. Children's sizes, weights, and ages vary widely, therefore setting a limit of 5 to 12 years is misleading.

Instead of renting a bounce house based on the children's age, weight, and height, consider renting a multi-sized bounce house. If there isn't a size that suits everyone, you can rent multiple sizes for different age groups if you can't find one that does.

For children, the weight restriction on an inflatable bouncer is normally 150 to 200 pounds, whereas for adults, the weight limit is frequently 400 to 600 pounds. Toddler bounce houses, for example, have a weight restriction of 150 to 200 lbs.

Available Space
The quantity of space available is a crucial consideration when deciding on the size of a bounce house. For the most part, bounce houses are erected in the backyards of people's residences. Consider how much area you have available before deciding on a bounce house size and make your selection based on that.

There are several mini bounce houses on the market that may be set up indoors. However, there are a few things to keep in mind here as well. Think about the kids, the bouncy house, and the height of the ceiling.

A bounce house that can be used both indoors and outside will need to be purchased based on the size of the space available. A tiny bounce house is typically recommended in this situation to keep the kids from hitting their heads on the ceiling while jumping.

Ground-type and Obstacles
It's important to check the ground type and remove any obstructions before renting a bounce house to avoid damaging the inflatable. Grass and concrete are the most acceptable ground types for discussing them. Your garden or driveway would be ideal locations for a bounce house.

The height of the bounce house must also be checked to ensure that it does not hit or collide with any obstructions like trees or power lines. Before buying a bounce house, think about the space you have available.

Whether you are buying a bounce house or renting one, you must have a budget to spend. Different sizes of inflatable bouncers come with separate price tags. And you will find thousands of other models of the same size but with a different price tag.

Monkey Jumping Castle
Research on the market well before you go ahead and choose the first one that fits the size requirement. Even if you are renting one, look around and see whether you can find this exact size of bounce house at a different price or not.

If you ask for a suggestion on a bounce house for kids, then we will suggest the Monkey Jumping Castle by Ginflatables. The dimensions of this bounce house are 15ft x 13ft x 12.5ft, and it is suitable for a moderately sized backyard.

This inflatable bouncer is a fun and exciting activity for the kids and can be a great attraction for kids at a party or event.

If we look at the quality of this item, we can see that it is made up of heavy-duty vinyl of the highest quality. The manufacturing material of this product is resistant to fire and free of lead.

It is essential to choose the right size for a bounce house to ensure that the kids can play freely and it does not overcrowd the space. Do not forget to consider the factors mentioned above before choosing a bounce house size for your kids.

Search throuigh the market well and look around for prices and features to ensure that the kids have a good time at the bounce house