Six Questions for Running Your Inflatable Rental Company

We have seen relaxation and fun that can be achieved by various types of inflatables. With limted budget, some parents or companies choose to rent a wonderful inflatable instead of buying one in some big events. But there are so many party rental companies offer inflatable rental service and how can you thrive in today’s economy?

Apart from relying on wide-spread advertisements, you need to make sure that you are a responsible inflatable renter. By this article hopefully, we will encourage you by asking the questions of running business so you can consider more factors of your inflatable rental company.

1. Does your company have a license?

A license means that you have the legal rights to rent your inflatable structures to consumers. Why this is important? Because people not only can rent bounce house from the regular rental companies, but also can rent from their friends who will not have a guaranteed license. For your client’s safety, espcecially for kids, a license helps ensures that your business brings protection to the public. In addition, it proves your company is trustworthy and stable and that you are dedicated to your company’s success.

2. Do you provide a written contract?

A written contract is necessary if an accident occurs or if the booking gets cancelled somehow. So don't forget to draw a written contract with your clients. If your clients make order on the website, an electronic contract should be prepared well.

Your formal written contract should clearly lay out the responsibilities, duties and commitments for each party involved. Without a written agreement, it is difficult for people to remember everything agreed to in the contract. The written contract not only gives you security, but also helps to prevent future misunderstandings.

3. Are you serious about the customers?

Surveys have shown that 86% of consumers would pay more for a better customer experience. In order to deliver the best customer service experience every time, you should consider whether you are serious about the customers. Take time to understand issues? Offer friendly and prompt reply? Providing the best customer services shows that you are responsible and can be trusted. If consumer can not contact you when they are needed, they will go to another rental company and then you will miss the opportunity.

4. Do you clean and disinfect your inflatables?

Keeping your inflatables in good condition can present a positive image. For four to eight hours usage of the inflatable, whether it is a bounce house, combo or water slide is going to be a part of your client’s house and decoration. Who wants a dirty old-looking inflatable in their area? You also want to give your clients, especially for parents, a peace of mind knowing that the inflatables their child will spend the next few hours in is free of germs. Therefore, you need to clean and disinfect the procucts after every use. Your company mission is to provide kids with a safe, clean, fun bounce house that won’t make them sick after playing.

5. Do you offer enough products?

Some companies only offer a single type of inflatable unit while others offer a whole range of products. At this time, you just need to look back your previous orders and summarize what products clients like best. You should pay attention to the client’s interests, new color themes, muliple unit functions and so on before purchasing. It is important for you to consider the right types and numbers of inflatables to suit your target group age. Check your inventory clearly and add some new fun units will bring refreshing experence.

6. Are your inflatables safe?

Safety regulations are the rules on how you rent and maintain the inflatable units for consumers. Each state has different safety regulations, so you need to comply with the required safety regulations with clear minds. As a rental company, you should buy commercial grade inflatables instead of residential inflatables. With double stitching, zippers and vinyl, durability is a key selling point to commercial grade bounce houses and ensures quality and longevity that are not presented in the residential equivalent.

In a word, running a perfect inflatable rental company is not difficult. If you can choose the correct inflatable structures, you will not need to worry about the long-term profits. Ginflatables is the trusty inflatable manufacturer which provides the premium and safety products, you can buy anything you want with special price. Check our website for more details.