Make Your Best Choice of Inflatable Combo

For the inflatables, there are a wide range of choices such as bounce houses, slides, water games and obstacles courses to attract customers. You can’t buy all things you want due to the limited budget and rooms for storing. If you don’t know what to bring in your new inventory, you can take the inflatable combo into consideration.

What Is Inflatable Combo?

Combo itself is abbreviation for combination, it means combining different things together. So an inflatable combo unit is a type of inflatable manufacture goods, which combines bounce house and inflatable slide together into one jumping house.

With the development of the amusement industry, bounce house can also be combined with exciting inflatable games, climbing wall, tunnel, basketball hoop, pop-up obstacles and other physical elements. Therefore, the new inflatable combo is much more fun than the traditional bounce house or single inflatable slide. The combination of an inflatable combo is very flexible, so you can get a 5-in-1 or 6-in-1 inflatable combo unit(a bouncing area, a basketball hoop, inflated push-through/obstacle pop-ups, a climbing wall, a slide and a pool for wet use).

How Inflatable Combo Cost?

The commercial grade inflatable combo is made from heavy duty commercial vinyl, with reinforced high stress areas and incredibly strong seams. It features finger-safe netting and compliance with a lengthy list of commercial regulations. Therefore, commercial inflatable combo is pretty expensive, but its cost is worth it. A commercial bounce house typically costs between $1,000 and $3,000 on average. As for a bounce house slide combo, it is a little more expensive than the traditional bounce house in same size as the combo unit needs more materials and processes. It will run anywhere from $1500 up to around $3500 for the largest bounce house slide combo.

For the inflatable rental business, if you can't afford many bounce houses and inflatable slides, then the combo units are great choices. You should remember that inflatable combos are investments instead of toys. At the same time, you can expect to earn on average $50-$100 more per rental in comparison to a bounce house, that means you will get payback quickly.

How Is the Effect of Inflatable Combo?

Inflatable combo is one of the best outdoor toys you can find to allow kids rush to outside for exercise and venture whether it's winter or summer. No matter how many children you have and how old they are, there are many different features and themes to match their interests. For kids aged 7 to 12 years old, they are energetic and want to try more different plays. So you can take more features into considerations when selecting the best inflatables. A combo unit would not only allow them to jump, but to climb and slide down the insider slide. The inside basketball hoop and challenging obstacles are also available for the large bouncy castles. Therefore, kids can enjoy various types of play at the same time and keep entertained more longer. 

Order from Ginflatables

Our large-scale and durable inflatable combos add fun, excitement, and thrills to any gathering or event for multi-usage.

You can see that our selections of commercial combo include:

Commercial bouncy combos that will keep players busy and happy for hours

Bouncers with a wet/dry slide that will be perfect for summer and winter

Bouncers with multiple slides, allowing for two-player fun

Inflatables with tunnels, popups, climbing wall and basketball hoop

Inflatables with a variety of themes and colors for any party or special occasion

For the long-run growth of inflatable rental business, the inflatable combo has more advantages than traditional bounce house. Ginflatables has many high quality inflatable combo units for every kind of parties and events, even if you have an idea of what you need, we can design and make it for you. If you want to spend your money wisely yet also provide kids with more fun, contact Ginflatables today to get a creative inflatable combo!