How to Make Money With Inflatable Obstacle Course

As the inflatable rental company, you may need some more creative ideas to catch people's eyes and attentions. In the wide variety of inflatable rides, obstacle course is favored by both kids and adults. You can see many people use it to earn money at carnivals, company events, birthday or youth sports team parties.

If you are looking for some new entertainment for the business growth, you will be interested in learning why people like inflatable obstacle course and how you can make an extra profit from the inflatable equipment.

What Are the Benefits of Inflatable Obstacle Course?

1. It Brings Tons of Fun

Whether kids and adults, both of them can have a great time by participating in an inflatable obstacle race activity. The common inflatable structures include many skill testing games such as climbing wall, balance beam, pillar jungle and slide, crawling obstacle and tunnel. You can also set up a bouncy castle or ball pit in the middle for participants to take a break from physical exertion. The combination is only limited by your imagination and location. Those inflatable games can provide young children with a wonderful experience which will remind them of the beautiful days in their growing up. And adults will never lose the childlike sense of fun no matter how old they are.

2. People Want Some Exciting Things at the Weekend  
People pay more attention to their health nowadays, but both adults and kids are hard to keep the balance between work and rest. The inflatable obstacle course with its running, jumping, climbing and other exciting activities allow people to keep on exercise at the weekend. Those different physical challenges give participants hours of healthy entertainment. It is an effective way for them to use basically all their muscle systems and help exercise the agility and balance.

3. It Also Brings Spiritual Satisfaction
The whole obstacle race is a complicated challenge, so participants need to find the best way to balance their way to challenge all the inflatable obstacles between start line and finish line. At the same time, it gives them the pleasure of solving a problem after overcoming those obstacles. For smaller children, various themes help to stimulate children to use their imaginations as they play. For teenagers and adults, it is also a competitive game so that challengers can compete against their friends and coworkers and earn bragging rights if one wins. If you are the first one, you should go.

How to Make a Great Profit by Renting out Your Inflatable Obstacle Course?

1. Plan an Obstacle Birthday Party


                    Unicorn Obstacle Course                                       Building Block Obstacle Course            

Like renting out bounce houses and slides for kid’s birthday party, you can rent your inflatable obstacle course for a child's and even an adult's birthday party. The party must be great and attract more people with Unicorn or Building Block themed obstacle games. But you should consider the difficulty level of your obstacle courses according to the age groups. A great and safe inflatable game can give children a chance to get creativity and physical fitness. While high challenging climbing wall and cliff jump obstacle is obviously not suitable for little kid's birthday party.

2. Work with Nearby Campgrounds


                  Boot Camp Challenge                                                             Mega Obstacle Course 

Vocation is the best time for kid’s summer camps or a year-round campground. You can make a contact with the campground manager and maybe you can rent out a Boot Camp Challenge or a Mega Obstacle Course for the entire outdoor activity. The campers will have the option to race one another through the popups, crawl throughs, and finally finish off on the climber and slide. It even makes for a great form of exercise that is safe for all.

3. Rent to Local Business


                                                        Ninja Warrior Obstacle Course

If the boss of the company want to encourage more cross-functional communication, inflatable obstacle course is suitable for company activities during a picnic or a team building day. Employees of different departments can form a new team to complete the obstacle challenge or have some friendly competition in Ninja Warrior Obstacle Course. This obstacle courses encourage all coworkers to interactive with each other, have fun together and come up with creative solutions to problems.

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After knowing why inflatable obstacle courses have become so popular for people of all ages, you will understand that you are making a right investment. There are many options of kids obstacle course styles to choose, and there are even challenging courses for adults. We can help you make the most out of your investment in an inflatable obstacle course. Come to Ginflatables and we can offer every possible inflatable you need!