Commercial Bounce House vs Inflatable Combo

Kids and adults can both have huge fun when playing with inflatables. The inflatable games and toys are becoming one of must-haves at birthday party, fun fair, team building events and any other activities. When it comes to the kid’s inflatable party jumpers, there are two types of jumping bouncers: the simple bounce house and the jumping combo.

You can find the same theme of the inflatables but different functions from our Ginflatables. This post will show you what is the difference between the regular bounce house and combo unit, and how to select them for you event celebration.

The Inflatable Bounce Houses

A regular jumper or bounce house is the most common inflatable you can provide for party-goers. The main difference from a combo unit is that it does not include any slides, basketball hoops, popups, crawl throughs, climbing walls or obstacles. It is just a plain area for jumping up and down. Some are slightly larger while others are smaller, but 15 x 15 feet is the standard moonbounce average size. There are two different entrance designs of a bounce house that cater to different needs. Let’s take the unicorn-themed inflatables as example.


                  Unicorn Bouncy Castle                                                      Unicorn Bounce House  

The above pictures show a open front type bounce house which has a larger area for entering. If it is the first time for young children to enter the jump house, this entrance design is suitable for assiting or reducing their fears. At the same time, parents can help kids to become accustomed to the inflatable environment by holding their hands through open entrance. This kind of open front bouncer usually features fully inflatable side and back walls which give children a great bouncing fun. For safety's sake, the front side allows parents and operators to supervise children all the time.


                  Indoor Unicorn Bounce House                                                     Inside view

A closed front bounce house internally is the same, the main different is that it has a small entrance on the front with an inflatable step. For older children, they will feel a little bit difficult to enter this small entrance. But this design is great for preventing kids falling out and helping keep track of kids in a hectic environment. It is worth noticing that the inflatable side and back walls are usually designed into mesh netting walls or windows to allow an open view for proper supervision.

The Bouncy Combos

                     Unicorn Bounce Combo                                     Unicorn Dual Lane Wet/Dry Combo

In general, a combo unit usually offers more physical space than regular bounce house. It features a combination of other activities built into the unit. These activities usually include a climbing wall, basketball hoop, inflatable pillars, one or dual lane slides and more. Kids can try many fun things at the same time like jumping, runing, climbing, sliding, or shooting at the basket. The common 4-in-1 or 6-in-1 inflatable combos indicate how many types of activities are combined together. There is also an inflatable combo with water slide and a pool, namely so called water combo or water bounce house. Participants can enjoy the fun sliding to cool off on the summer day. As for selective use, you can also try an inflatable combo with dry and wet use to suit the changeable season.

How to Select the Best Inflatable Bouncer

You can see that there are different types of bounce house for your next event. When deciding which one is right for you, you should consider a few very important questions:

• What’s my budget for this inflatable toy for kids?

• How much space do I have for setting up my new bounce house or combo unit?

• What is my age group? Who specifically will be using this bouncer the most frequently? And can it be suitable for most events?

Only children age 6 and older should use bounce houses and combo units. For younger kids, a traditional bounce house is strongly recommend as they maybe a little difficult to climb the ladder on a combo. As for preteens and teenagers, they need more excitement for their excess energy inside the combo unit.

Then you need to consider the size, budget and specific theme. Combo unit is usually a little larger and taller than a common bounce house, so you need to leave a larger set up area. Since it is generally more expensive than traditional bounce house without slide, you should take your limited budget into consideration with the event planning. You can just choose the kid’s favor because both inflatable jumpers and combos can have the same theme like princess, sport, space, ocean for your special event.

Order from Ginflatables

Once you have weighed out those factores like price, space and target audiences, you would be more clear about the choices of inflatable bouncers. A regular bounce house is going to work better for some people, while a combo bounce house will be better for others. But all these inflatables can serve as the great source of entertainment and even healthful physical activity for kids.

Whichever unit you choose, Ginflatables can offer the commercial-grade inflatables with plenty of options. Contact us today and we are glad to help you find the right bounce house or combo unit for your next event!