How to Extend the Life of Your Inflatables : A Quick Guide

It may seem simple to just buy in one inflatable product immediately and call it a day, but making them last as long as possible during your business operation needs some efforts. A damaged inflatable needs to be repaired, and meanwhile you will lose money for not renting it. For the long term venture, extending the life of your inflatables is the best way for your business. To help you make more profits, consider the following tips to choose your inflatables carefully and take good care of them.

Choosing High-quality Inflatables

The most common mistake for people is buying the cheapest inflatables as it might save money, but it can cost them in the long run. Having low-quality inflatables can not help you create a good first impression on consumers. If you have durable and attractive inflatables, your business shows more experiences and resources that appeal to a wide customer base to recommend.

Inflatables can be divided into two categories, commercial grade and residential. It is not easy to judge the difference from the appearance, but you can check the prices. The residential inflatablers are made of heavy-duty nylon or polyester oxford, which is lighter and less durable than PVC tarpaulin. These tend to set up in the average backyard, which makes them a good fit for home or any indoor area. In general, the residential inflatablers can be used six months to one year.

As for commercial grade inflatablers, they are commonly made of heavy-duty PVC tarpaulin. The high quality PVC material is over 15oz, flame retardant and water proof, durable and resistant to tearing. From the materials, the commercial inflatablers can be used at least three years. Besides, commercial inflatables have the additional repair kit, which can last over five years. So now you can realize why commercial inflatables are much expensive than the residential ones.

Making Sure the Warranty

The inflatables that you’re about to purchase should have a good warranty. The warranty will protect you regardless of quality problems or craftsmanship and you can resolve the problems promptly. The average warranty period should at least be three years. Any less than that, and you may have to consider chossing other inflatable company in the market. Finding a reliable company will not only prevent you from worrying about any hindrance in your business, but also let alone disappointing your customers due to a piece of low-quality equipment. Most of the trusted suppliers are willing to off the best after-sale service and cater to your needs.

Checking And Storing Inflatables

Before the events, check the inflatables on the inside and outside in case of any tears or problems of fabric and netting. In order to offer safety experience, you should repair the damaged products promptly before they get worse or buy the new ones to replace them.

Then, selecte a location where there is open space on all sides if you want to set up inflatables outside. You also need to remove any debris that could get in the way and interfere with the safe use. Putting tarps down first can help to protect your inflatables, but will not prevent hard objects like rocks, sticks from puncturing the bottom.

It is important for you to store the inflatables properly when you don’t use them. If you used water with an inflatable, make sure to dry completely before you deflate it and roll them up to store. Otherwise, folding up a damp inflatable can allow mold and mildew to grow, which lead to illness in the participants.

Taking Safety Precautions

Inflatables will fly away if they are not set up correctly. Strong gusts may rip stakes out of the ground and blow participants away, even with appropriate fastening. At the same time, the typical accidents and injuries always come from lack of supervision. There are lots of unsafety behavior during the inflatable events, such as:

•Flips, horseplay, wrestling, and other incorrect uses.

•Too many participants at the same time.

•Sharp objects – jewelry, shoes, toys, eyeglasses are brought into the inflatables.

•Children of mixed age and size play an inflatable together.

Therefore, taking appropriate safety precautions can aviod those accidents. Staking the inflatables into the ground is an important step that can prevent friction from tearing the bottom of the inflatables. Ensure that the inflatables are fixed with heavy things such as metal pegs or sandbags. It’s also crucial to pay attention to the weather and stop using the inflatables when rain or high winds occur. Lastly, you should explain and set up clear rules on how to use inflatables safely.