Everything you need to about Inflatable Jump House

When it comes to bounce house, there are so many options. It can be stressful and frustrating. Here is a complete guide on buying the right inflatable jump house.

What is a bounce house?
It is a springy inflatable structure. It resembles a four sided building. It is used for jumping especially by small children.

How much is a bounce house?
Commercial inflatable jump house is expensive. It costs around $1000. On the other hand, the consumer bounce houses cost around $200 to $300. Clearly, the consumer bounce houses are cheaper. This is because; they are made of cheaper materials like nylon or polyester. The commercial jump houses are made of vinyl and the high stress areas are reinforced. The seams in commercial jump houses are stronger.

How to clean bounce house?
First remove the visible debris. Then use a broom to dust off the visible minute dirt. Deflate the house. Brush it thoroughly. Use a gentle vacuum pressure. You may use disinfectant wipes in places where the children have left their hand and foot prints. Dry the house in the sun.

How to set up inflatable bounce house?
Setting up a bounce house is easy. You can set it up within 20 minutes. However, finding the right location takes time. Before setting up, check the weather. Spread the deflated bounce house. Get your blower ready. Close the outlets and connect the inlets with the blower. Start inflating. As the house inflates, anchor it.

How to patch a bounce house?
It is common that your jump house may get a hole. There is nothing to worry about it. Fixing the hole will not cost you more. Here are some basic steps to patch a jump house:
First, clean the area you want to patch. Then cut the patch. It is good if you cut the patch into the shape of a circle. Next, flatten the patch. Apply glue. You can use vinyl glue. Apply pressure and press the patch. Ensure if the edges are sealed properly.

How to clean inflatable bounce house?
Moisture is bad for bounce houses. If they are moist, molds develop easily. Molds develop easily within 24 to 48 hours. Mix bleach and water and apply to the moldy areas. Scrub vigorously. Use a soft rag. Do not use hard items to rub against the house. You may leave a hole if you rub hard. The bleach will certainly fade the color of the house. But molds cause extreme and irreversible damages. After you clean the mold, use water and rinse the area.

Can you over inflate a bounce house?
You can never overinflate a jump house. Therefore, using a bigger blower will not hurt it. Larger blowers inflate the houses very quickly. On an average, it takes 15 minutes to inflate a consumer bounce house.

How to store inflatable bounce house?
Roll the inflatable jumping house and put it in a clean and dry place. Make sure it does not touch the walls. Because, the walls become moist during winters and pass on the moisture to the house leading to mold formation. Buy a nice storage bag.