10 Things To Keep In Mind While Buying An Inflatable Water Slide

Swimming and bathing in cold water is definitely a summer bliss, and undoubtedly, an inflatable water slide multiplies the fun! This is exactly why you should get the best ones this year, from Ginflatables. If you want to buy an inflatable slide for your backyard, here are some tips for picking out the best inflatable water slides.

1. Your yard space
An inflatable water slide meant for your yard or garden will have average dimensions of around 8mL X 5mW X 6mH. First, measure your yard and choose something that fits well and doesn’t congest your space. A single playground slide is generally small, but if you are looking for more lanes and creative designs, you need to see how much space you have.

2. Theme and design
If you want to have some extra fun and adventure, why not enjoy the best artistic designs out there? You can select a playground slide with a dinosaur, volcano, superhero, or castle theme to enjoy some vibrant colors and amazing pool designs.

3. Durable material
Generally, PVC or high-quality vinyl is used in manufacturing the best inflatable water slides to withstand pressure and force. The material should be lead-free, fire-resistant, and certified by ASTM, CE, or ISO standards for assured durability.

4. Try to avoid dark shades
Dark colors heat up faster under the sun, as compared to lighter shades. If you plan to get an inflatable water slide for pool or your backyard, try to avoid too many dark colors.

5. Installation Guide
Setting up an inflatable slide isn't only about pumping air into the model. It should have a proper platform, safe anchors, and sealed openings to avoid accidents or unwarranted damage. So, check for an installation guide with your package.

6. Storage feasibility
Since you’re not choosing an inflatable water slide rental, you should select a slide with proper packing covers to store it in the off-season. Look for something with velcro straps, removable liners, and quick-draining flaps to remove the water when not in use.

7. Stability of the inflated structure
Along with supreme quality and design, the entire structure filled with air should be stable while playing. The best brands, like Ginflatables, have alloy-made anchors and holding stakes that are rust-free, water-proof, and ultimately strong to withhold the bouncing pressure.

8. Price
The more features your slide has, the higher would be its price. If you are looking for premium-quality slides, you should compare the best brands to get reliable costs or choose an inflatable water slide rental. However, also check for a warranty since the trustworthy brands back you up for at least two years.

9. Additional features for fun
If you want added fun, look for extended swimming pools, curved slides, water cannons, ladders, or multiple lanes that can turn your backyard into a pool party!

10. Injury and accident prevention
Your slide should always have an accident-proof design. A top-quality inflatable water slide will have attachable side liners, extra padding on stress points, and double stitches over the entire unit.

Final Words
Buying an inflatable water slide for pool or lawn is a thoughtful task as you have to look out for several factors. This article discusses ten such details you should check to get the best inflatable water slides, perfect for your purpose.