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Sport Inflatable Games for Your Event from Ginflatables

We all want our kids to have healthy active lifestyle, that’s why schools have physical exercise included in their weekly curriculum and motivate extra sport interests. But regualr exercise seems like boring for some teenagers who don’t like repeated movement all the time. For this reason, you can buy some sport-themed inflatables which let kids get involved in sporting exercise. There is no other way to combine play, sport and safety like the inflatable  interactive games. They are great addition to any parties and events. Let's see what you can get for your next event.

1. Inflatable Football And Dart


Lots of people enjoy playing a quick game of darts with their friends at the party. The huge velcro board is used for kicking a soccer ball and practice the aiming skill by foot. All you need to do is to kick your soccer ball about 5 or 10 meters away from the board and gain points. The ball will stick on the inflatable board which are easy for checking the final scores. Inflatable Football And Dart has two games in double side so that participants can play two games at the same time. On one side of the inflatables, each section is numbered 1-20 on the board. It is a great chance to compete with opponents to get a bulls Eye. At the same time, competitors also can challenge themselves by hitting different scored points(25, 50, 75, 100 points)on the other side of the dart. Throw the sticky darts to see who can get the highest score, and kids can have lots of fun playing by themselves and by their own rules.

2. Inflatable Basketball Game

Who doesn't enjoy shooting balls through a hoop? Inflatable Basketball Game squares off two competitors against one another in a free throw shooting competition. Or, time yourself and see how many you can make in a limited time. This product is attractively designed with colorful and decorative panels, giving it the true basketball shootout look. With this unique inflatable basketball court, children can practice the jump shot without worrying about landing on the hard floor and get injured. The soft and bouncy basketball court will give them courage and protection to try. Children can play the mini basketball games to reap the health benefits, and they will be working on their basketball shot all day to beat the opponents.

3. Bounce Boxing Ring

Boxing is a fun but dangerous sport, not everyone can take the pain of boxing. However, our Bounce Boxing Ring is a 16.5'x16.5' inflatable that offers the uniqueness of a real life boxing ring in a safe way. The open-air boxing arena is enclosed with inflatable corner posts and ropes which are also enclosed with netting to further protect participants inside the ring. Challengers need to put on the boxing gloves and head gear first for safety purpose. When the referee sounds the bell, the contestants start their bout. The first boxer to knock down his opponent within three, one minute rounds is the champ. This boxing game is an excellent way to test everyone’s endurance and balance. You should give kids a chance to rock their opponents in this safe and fun boxing ring bounce house.

4. Inflatable Bungee With Basketball

Shoot a goal past the keeper! Aim for a basket! Now everyone has the opportunity to experience the popular sport of bungee jumping in our horizontally adapted game. Inflatable Bungee With Basketball is the combination of bungee run and basketball shoot. Two participants will be strapped into a harness connected to an elastic cord which is like a large rubber band. They need to fight the elastic cord with the core strength in the whole game. And then race down their own lane, trying to dunk the basketball in the hoop before the bungee cord springs them backward. The most difficult thing is that the farther they go forward, the greater the spring backward. How to respond to the challenge and give the basketball shoot first? The trick is: run fast enough to get ahead, but not so fast the bungee brings you back to the start in the blink of an eye. This sport can be quite tough, but it's a really cool way to encourage kids to have some physical exercise.

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Both kids and adults will enjoy our inflatable products as they create friendly competition. Sport inflatable game is also a great amusement to stand out at sport events, corporate activities, backyard or indoor play centers. Ginflatables offers a variety of inflatable games that can provide a fun and competitive challenge for everyone to enjoy. We can also customize your favourite sport themes or traditional colors. If you are interested in buying more sport themed inflatable games, please contact us.