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How to Plan the Perfect Jurassic Park Party

Have you ever thought about giving the real Jurassic World for kids? Boys and girls alike are itching for dinosaur adventures. They’ll be ready to gear up in their best explorer or run from some dinosaurs. Planning a Jurassic Park party for birthday or just a Saturday play day is a great way to test kid’s courage and strongly inspire the imagination towards scientific world.

Let’s plan a perfect Jurassic Park Party that includes games, food, movies and plenty of jumping and bouncing.

Classic Game

Before the party, try adapting some classic party games to arise kid’s interests. Little explorers ca pin the tail on the dinosaur or play Simon Says with calls like “Roar like a t-rex!” or “Jump like a raptor!” For further understanding, they can also make simple dinosaur plates out of paper and decorate their own dinosaurs with favourite colors.


For older children, you can use role play to enhance their memory by wearing printable paper masks. If you offer some video games about Jurassic World, adventurers can choose their favorite characters to relive and experience all storyline of Jurassic Park.

In order to lighten kids’ exploring atmosphere, there are dinosaur eggs around the area which is filled with candy and toy dinosaurs. Children are excited about searching for the targets, and even need to dig up fossils from a sandbox or pail.

Inflatable Party

Let’s see the certain of the attention in your party--inflatable bounce houses. Spending time in playing inflatables with dinosaur theme will let children’s imaginations run wild. They’re exercising, taking in fresh air, and loving every minute of it. 

·Inflatable Bounce House

Explorers can’t wait to meeting their dinosaurs face-to-face. The dinosaur-themed bounce house creates the completely original adventure, giving you more to discover. Outside the house, kids can learn about different varieties like T-rex, stegosaurus, gallimimus, triceratops in the jungles. This fantastic play zone gives ample space for children to play, jump and bounce. 

·Inflatable Water Combo

As the volcano begins roaring to life, the dedicated adventurers should be ready for the next expedition! With towering gates, palm trees, and blazing fire, participants will feel transported into Jurassic Park when they step into the T-rex dual lane water combo. The combo comes fully equipped with a basketball hoop, jumping area and two slides. And it is also a perfect ride for large crowds and competitive spirits looking to race up and down the slide. Why not double the fun in the hot summer?

Featuring a realistic digitally printed T-rex, this stunning unit is sure to make your patron's jaw drop. See the following video for more details:

·Inflatable Funland

If you want more kids to play together, inflatable funland is a good choice. The mighty dinosaur welcomes guests to show off their athletic ability in its castle. The dinosaur funland combines obstacles with slide, offering riders a ton of fun throughout its course. It gives kids the opportunity to brace themselevs for the epic new adventure, more real, more intense. Some riders can past the pop-ups at the front, while others at a time can enjoy climbing and sliding down. They should go bigger with the challenge for the ultimate victory!

Moive Time

With the release of Jurassic World just around the corner, kids will want to fill their imaginations full of prehistoric fun. Now is the exciting movie time. Guests can eat some snacks, drink the juice when they enjoy the classic originals under the stars. The epic film named Jurassic Park will takes kids to an amazing theme park on a remote island where dinosaurs once again roam the earth and five people must battle to survive among the prehistoric predators.

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Jurassic World is alive. You can give kids the most exciting experience that they never had before in a perfect Jurassic Park party. Planning an inflatable party allows children to tap into their youthful imagination and make up their own stories, games, and dinosaur hunts to let out their inner adventurers.

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