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How to Celebrate Halloween with Inflatables

Pumpkins are carved, pumpkin spiced latte’s have been brewed, and pumpkin pie is in the oven. Kids may enjoy all these delicious food in Halloween with friends and family. Of course, they are excited to dress up like a spooky ghost, a malevolent witch or an evil vampire and then do trick or treat things.

But instead of asking neighborhood for candy, there are still other fun ways to celebrate Halloween. Now lots of cities and counties like organizing many different events for as an alternative to the traditional trick-or-treating. Our Ginflatables also puts together a list of alternative ideas for the holiday. If you run a rental company, you can celebrate a spooky Halloween with our inflatables. With a full range of products and designs ranging from slides, bouncers, combos, obstacle courses and interactive games, Ginflatables has everything you need.

Check out the latest Halloween inflatables!

Ghost Castle

Setting up a Halloween themed bounce house in your area for kids to jump in the daytime of Halloween sounds great. The realistic ghosts artwork gives it a real life-like ghost castle feel that riders will surely bounce in. Kids can bounce, jump, hop, skip and run around to their heart's content. This bounce house features dark and grey colors as well as castle spires, making the bounce house more terrible and spooky.

As a 13'x13' bounce house, this Ghost Castle can safely accommodate up to four riders at a time and is great for all ages. It is a perfect start-up item for any rental business inventory. There is a large interior jumping area and a basketball hoop for group interaction. At the same time, the Ghost Castle is all-enclosed with safety nets and inflatable wall. The unit with mesh sides all around has full visibility for parents and spectators. Unlike other regular bouncy house, this castle is made with top-quality vinyl and is assembled to last through years of use and service. The Ghost Castle is sure to give your Halloween celebration a new look and excite any rider that enters this fun bounce house.

Halloween Combo

Using inflatable combo to make your outdoor party more fun during the Halloween holiday, especially nights, is such a magnificent idea which will never be outdated. What about lots of inflatable elves on the party? Or a giant inflatable bat with red eyes that would shine in the dark. How about an inflatable ghost haunting? This Halloween Combo is traditionally designed in orange color theme with black and purple trimming, impressing any guest in the party. Participants will spend hours jumping, sliding and exploring their own Halloween world.

With a larger jumping area and two exit slides, this dual lane combo doubles the fun that competitors offer and is a definite crowd-pleaser. A scary pumpkin lantern hangs above the entrance adding to the theme of the inflatable. Participants enter the safety enclosed combo house and have a blast jumping and bouncing before racing up the rock climb wall, and then each down their own sliding lane to the bottom. This unit has a basket ball hoop on the outside of the unit also. It'll be an experience filled with plenty of excitement and laughter.

Halloween Slide

For a frighteningly good time, Halloween Slide starts off with the 19 Slide, a 19 foot tall single lane slide made to entertain all crowds. The dreadful characters like ghost skeleton, witch and black cat can stands out on all aspects of inflatable structures. Halloween themed slide comes in a traditional black and orange color scheme which sparks that sense of familiarity and recognition of a Halloween product. The separated lane climb and slide allows for optimum use of the product, as one can climb while the other slides, allowing for a repetitive cycle of fun.

Participants enter the ride at the front and climb up the left side to the top of the slide. For the safety use, the slide stoppers allow for the rider to come to a safe stop. Having a slide is an easy way to promote healthy activity and keep the party entertained. Halloween Slide is the perfect addition to any inventory because it can be used indoors, outdoors, at small parties, in indoor inflatable facilities, and just about anywhere you can fit a slide. Be sure to bring some excitement to the kids!

Halloween Playland

The Halloween Playland is an eye-catching piece that does not skimp on any of the fun and challenges. A pumpkin on the entrance welcomes all participants into his playland to play basketball, run around, and finally finish off on the climber and slide. The purple and orange colors are also a part of Halloween. A hollowed-out pumpkin with a face carved on one side. Candles are placed inside, giving the face a spooky glow. This playland will be everyone's favorite and become the center of attention with its excellent design.

This best-selling unit is not like any other inflatable Halloween Playland. Halloween Playland combines both components in one in a safe and fun manner. It features a safety net overhead, high inflatable wall and a stopper at the end, which ensures that children always have fun without worry. With its unique design, the Halloween Playland is compact and lightweight for easy setup and cleanup. The inflatable playland is just what you need to set you apart from everyone. Give them more than just a combo—this Halloween Playland will have them smiling and playing all day long.

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Commercial grade bounce houses, slides & inflatable playland are just a few ways your business can offer more excitement to customers. With experienced and talented team, Ginflatables can offer you the premium inflatable attractions. You can totally count on us for this year’s Halloween-themed products. Buy and customize your own inflatables to a specific size, color pattern, ride combination & branding needs now.

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