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Outdoor parties are good for everyone. You can turn your business space into a humongous bounce party decked with our colorful obstacles, crazy games, and all sorts of obstacle course kingdoms. Chidlren may even forget that the outdoors exists when they get lost and bounce around our fun inflatable play areas.

Obstacle courses are catching on and becoming a fun trend within the fitness industry. At Ginflatables, there is a collection of awesome quest challenge worlds that will boggle kid’s minds and keep them busy. Participants must run, jump, climb, vault, and balance their way from one obstacle to another as they race to complete the tasks faster than their competitors. The following are new must-haves in Ginflatables.

Volcano Obstacle Course

The volcano burst into eruption with great rumbling, and threw new showers of magma and ash into air. This Volcano Obstacle Course will surely take children on a wild adventure they will not forget. The Volcano Obstacle Course lives up to its name by taking the participants into an inflatable obstacle course challenges along with dual slides. The bright red color theme with yellow trimmings is enough to excite anyone into going on this adventurous ride.

Its entrance welcomes each participant into their lane through an arching tunnel that gives way to a series of pop up obstacles to push past. The challengers must pass a pair of horizontal hurdles, dive into and crawl through a tunnel. After the tunnel, the participants push through another set of pop-ups before enjoying a wall climb and slide down the course. If you are ready to launch an exciting party, this Volcano Obstacle Course is perfect for the main entertainment at outdoor play centers who are looking for a thrilling obstacle course and slide combination.


Candy Obstacle Coursee Course

Let’s collect the sweet treats and explore this fantasy world! Every little girl wishes to enjoy the delicious candies as they want. This candy-themed course is colorful and full of sugar, making the party more sweet! The Candy Obstacle Course offers a series of challenging physical activities including running, climbing, jumping, crawling and sliding. It is ideal for your next party, outdoor event or competition.

Challengers will start with two portal-like entrances. There is a race to the finish for each participant as they push through vertical and horizontal hurdles, dive and crawl through the floor tunnels, climb up the wall and slide down to the finish. This will keep participants moving through the line quickly, and allow more people to get a turn on this fun course. The dual lane slide also has a safety net covering above the slide, which provides a safe and fun experience. Go on an adventure in candyworld now, your guests will have hours of fun with this obstacle.

 Surf Obstacle Course


Why not buy a surfboard and have a surf competition in the sea? Look, there is a man looking pretty confident and skilled at keeping his balance on the surfboard. Kids are eager to participate in this exciting sport with friends. This Surf Obstacle Course is designed for two people to go head-to-head in a race to the finish line. There are several components to test the strength and determination. This course is traditionally manufactured in red and blue theme, but is customizable for varying preferences.

Just like the smaller course, the Surf Obstacle Course welcomes its challengers with two portal-like entrances to crawl through into each lane. Participants can jump, push, crawl, climb and slide as they race to the finish. It even makes for a great form of exercise that is safe for kids of all ages. This obstacle course is suitable for any type of events, as it provides extended fun without compromising wait time for eager challengers awaiting their turn.

Order from Ginflatables

Obstacle Course is an excellent way to test the skill, speed, and coordination of contestants at your party or special event. Ginflatables offers several types of inflatable obstacle courses with climbers and slides. You can mix and match your favorite design elements to create a unique course with the right level of difficulty for your contestants.

If you would like to buy an inflatable obstacle course, contact Ginflatables today to learn more about the many exciting options we have to offer.