Inflatable Tips: The safe way to play

We love our kids, and we want them to have amazing childhoods. So naturally, inflatables have grown in popularity over the recent years as they are the great source of entertainment for children. In general, inflatables are relatively cheap to acquire and provide a safe environment during the play time.

However, as the market demand has soared, so have accident rates. One of the most dangerous things is that the inflatable bounce houses are deflated while kids are still inside. Adults could not hear over the motor, and kids just sit in there and don’t think it would be deflated on them. Without being familiar with the emergency exit, kids could not immediately climb out and then gradually suffocate. Consequently, children will be afraid of tight spaces and refuse to play inside again.

We hope our kids to be safe while having a good time. If you want to offer the best way to play with inflatables, be cautious about everything. You can conside the following factors on decreasing the chances of suffering an accident.

Product Quality

It is important for you to choose the inflatables which follow or even exceed safety regulations and guidelines. The commercial-grade inflatables are made of industrial vinyl and assembled with top quality machinery. They are typicially equipped with proper usage instruction that are placed close to the entry. As those inflatable jumpers and combos are mainly enclosed, not a giant open slide or playland, you should pay attention to the safety exit and finger-safe netting. When it comes to the inflatables for wet use, the slide features a full pool with a raised wall to prevent water from splashing out and an unique stopper that will assist children to come to a safe stop.

Equipment Safety

Take pictures before accepting anything. You should carefully check all the equpiments of the packages. If you find any damage, let the freight company know with related pictures. When the inflatable is being operated outside, put the blower away from puddles, rocks or objects sticking up from the ground like sprinklers. And then make sure the connection tube and blower are firmly attached to each other in case of the sudden air loss. Don’t turn it off for a break or overturn. Otherwise, the blower connection to the extension cord would cause a fire.

Effective Supervision

Both parent and company staff need to be responsible for overseeing kids. It is best to limit use to children over the age of six years as younger children may not have enough balance and strength to safely play. If multiple children are going to use the inflatables at once, you should divide them into groups for playing according to age and weight. Inaddition, a safety distance of 1 m to 2 m should be kept around the facility, leaving the entrance and exit points free at all times. Thus, the constant supervision can prevent injuries and minimize their consequences.

Educational Lesson For Kids

Kids should promote the safety awareness all the time. You can teach them some baisc survival skills and explain the rules clearly. Children need to know the incorrect uses of inflatables. Before enterning the inflatables, they should remove their shoes and any dangerous or sharp objects in their pockets. Then kids should never be allowed to engage in any rough play, wrestling, tumbling, or flips in a bounce house. If the inflatables starts to deflate or it’s too windy, kids should exit safely instead of screaming or crying. Related training exercises can be designed to be a rehearsal for the accident, which guide children to have better understanding of emergency procedures.

Injuries associated with inflatables have increased over time. Most of the inflatables are used at outdoor party, camp, and fair where teenagers are running together. It is hard to pay attention to them in a noisy environment. After knowing the necessary factors, you should know how to flexibly apply those measures to risk reduction.