The classic combo is a necessity for any well-rounded inflatables inventory. Our Blue Purple Marble Wet/Dry Combo is a necessity for any rental operation or outdoor entertainment center for that WOW factor. It is traditionally designed in a bright blue color theme with purple trimming, but is customizable to your needs.

Our inflatable unit is designed with children's safety at heart, featuring finger-safe netting throughout so parents and supervisors can keep an eye on participants playing inside. There is also an attached enclosed entrance tunnel for safe entering and exiting. Participants enter the safety enclosed combo house and have a blast jumping and bouncing before racing up the rock climb wall, and then each down their own sliding lane to the bottom. This unit inside also has a basket ball hoop for showing off athletic ability.

Be sure to satisfy guests with an Blue Purple Marble Wet/Dry Combo at your next event! It'll be an experience filled with plenty of excitement and laughter.