Wanna play with cutie llama? The white llama above the entrance welcomes the guests into its house for celebration. The bright color scheme makes it easy to spot from anywhere. Children are definitely amazed at this design and excited about playing around with peers.

Llama Water Combo features a large bouncing area, climb wall, basketball hoop, slide and pool. The see-through window is designed to make it easier for parents supervision when playing. Participants enter the safety enclosed combo house and have a blast bouncing before racing up the rock climb wall, and then slide lane to the bottom. Children of all ages will be thrilled while they bounce away for hours with their friends in this inflatable unit, allowing for a large number of kids entertained at the same time and giving you the peace of mind that they are playing in a structure that puts safety first.

Let kids bounce and cool off at the same time, play basketball, or climb and slide into the pool for a feel of a water park. Everyone will enjoy this amazing inflatable.