Rivers of molten lave flowed down the mountain. How do you think this Lava Water Combo came out? You can double up on entertainment by decking out your party with a combination setup. Lava Water Combo treats patrons with bouncing room, along with climbing and dual sliding lanes. It is an impressively designed ride with bright red and yellow color, giving the real lava flow.

Inside there is a spacious bouncing area along with climbing walls and a basketball hoop. With two exit slides, this combo doubles the fun. Participants enjoy two super splashing water slides that drop them into the splash pool at the bottom. For added safety, parents and operators will enjoy the finger-safe mesh viewing windows on every side of the bounce house. There is also an attached enclosed entrance tunnel for safe entering and exiting procedures.

We present to you the Lava Water Combo which is guaranteed to entertain all kids for countless hours. Just add water and you’re good to go!