The hot summer is coming, do you want to spend a cool yet meaningful summer holiday? Come along and slide down this fantastic 18ft ride! With the vibrant blue vinyl, Glacier Water Slide will catch everyone's eye at the summer event.

Our Ginflatables slide features a safety net overhead, high inflatable wall and a stopper at the end, which ensures that children always have fun without worry. Participants enter the ride at the front and climb up the left side to the top of the slide. Having a slide is an easy way to promote healthy activity and keep the party entertained. This is undoubtedly the best toy in summer. We are excited to show this new water slide with you and we know you will love it!

It is made compact and lightweight to make for easy setup and cleanup for rental operations. This fun Glacier Water Slide is the perfect addition during the summer party celebration. Order your 18' Glacier Water Slide today from Ginflatables!