This beautiful Dolphin Wave Water Slide N Slip helps kids to cool off during the hot sumumer time. Its unique vinyl color scheme gives the effect of immersing the rider in an ocean of waves, while the dolphins on either side guide the sliders to climb to the top. Riders will enjoy a super splashing water slide that drops them into the splash pool at the bottom.

Our slide is compact and lightweight to make for a hassle-free setup and cleanup. Like all inflatables, the Dolphin Wave Water Slide N Slip is a fun way to enjoy physical activity with an additional competitive edge. In order to keep kid's safety, there is a safety netting on the slide platform and high inflatable walls around the slide. It also features a stopper so that riders can come to a safe stop.

Dolphin Wave Water Slide N Slip offers a thrilling chance for those looking to slide, splash, and have a great time. The eye-catching pattern is made to satisfy all crowds and impress at any spcecial events.