Get ready for a super splash in the slippin’ ‘n’ slidin’ party with our Nuclear Toxic Water Slide N Slip! This water slide with its striking green and black colors is truly a sight to behold and will be a fantastic addition to any party or outdoor event. Participants just climb up the steps to the top of the inflatable slide, admire the view and slide down to the bottom and splash into the swimming pool at the very end.

The Nuclear Toxic Water Slide N Slip follows ASTM guidelines and is crafted for maximum durability to ensure years of use and rental. It has a fully netted wall at the end of the slide area to keep riders safely contained for maximum safety. The front entrance and exit also make supervision easy for parents and operators. It is a great product to feature in rental inventories as it separates you from your competition.

Nuclear Toxic Water Slide N Slip offers a thrilling chance for those looking to slide, splash, and have a great time. This tal single lane slide is made to satisfy all crowds with an eye-catching design, order it now!