This amusement playland is specific designed for the upcoming Christmas. The front wall has snowman and Santa Claus for decoration, the middle is basketball hoop, and the back is the fun climbing wall and slide, even has the present style top. This Christmas Gift Playland not only serves as a fun provider, but also makes your party more festive.

Our inflatable playland is designed with children's safety at heart, featuring finger-safe netting throughout so parents and supervisors can keep an eye on participants playing inside. It is approved for safe use and its durability is ensured by Ginflatables, as it is made with top-quality vinyl and is assembled to last through years of use and service. Children of all ages will be thrilled while they bounce away for hours with their friends in this inflatable unit, allowing for a large number of kids entertained at the same time and giving you the peace of mind that they are playing in a structure that puts safety first.

A compact, but fun filled inflatable funland that is sure to be good for all kids. If you're looking for a commercial-grade bounce park, then the Christmas Gift Playland serves as a great source of entertainment and even healthful physical activity at any party or event.

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