The stars shine brightly at Christmas night. Father Christmas on the reindeers invites children to have a great time in this 5 in 1 Christmas Combo. The red and green color theme stimulate the classic color of tradition which is full of the Christmas festive appearance. With this great combo, participants will enjoy bouncing, jumping, sliding, playing basketball, and running around all they want.

This Christmas Combo ride features five different activities: (1) a large bouncing area; (2) a basketball hoop; (3) a climbing wall; (4) a slide; and (5) a landing for wet use. Our bouncy combo is designed with children's safety at heart, featuring finger-safe netting throughout so parents and supervisors can keep an eye on participants playing inside. There is also an attached enclosed entrance tunnel for safe entering and exiting procedures. 

A compact, but fun filled inflatable combo that is sure to be good for all kids. If you're looking for a commercial-grade bounce house, then the  5 in 1 Christmas Combo serves as a great source of entertainment and even healthful physical activity at any party or event. Get your  5 in 1 Christmas Combo today. Perfect addition to your inventories!